110 million year old petrified spider eyes still glow

The 110-million-year-old petrified spider's eyes still glow.A photo from open sources

American archaeologists from the University of Kansas did an amazing find during an excavation in South Korean the city of Jinju. Scientists have discovered a petrified spider from a species Lagonomegopidae, who died about 110 million years ago. All over Apparently, the careless arthropod drowned in water. So ridiculous the death of arachnid allowed his remains to preserve one extremely curious property. The fact is that fossilia still shine in dim eyes.

Experts say that the visual organs of this spider significantly reflected light, allowing the arthropod to hunt in poor lighting conditions. In the huge eyes of arachnid was a special layer of the choroid called tapetum. Like The structure of the eyes, for example, also possess domestic cats and dogs. Due to the unusual storage conditions of the remains in the water, the predator tapetum does not collapsed and well preserved. Scientists call it big and rare luck.


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