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Surprises of the pyramidsPhoto from open source BOSNIAN MOUNTAIN WITH colossal the scientific world also distrusts research Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagich excavated in Visoko Valley. Mount Visochitsa, towering in the middle of the valley, is difficult not to notice, but it only occurred to Semir that she might has an artificial origin. And so it turned out. April 2006 excavations began, and just a few days later, archaeologists there is evidence that “Mount Visochitsa is actually is the giant stone pyramid unique in Europe. ” According to geological analysis, it was built 10 or even 20 thousand years ago. According to the archaeologist, the height of the Bosnian the structure will be 200 m. It is impressive especially when you consider that the highest of the pyramids in Giza – the pyramid of Cheops – reached only up to 140 m. Most scientists do not believe in the Bosnian “wonder of the world” and it is believed that Osmanagich misled “the usual hill of unusual forms. “The fact is that the four sides of the hill have a slope of 45 degrees and are located in exact accordance with the cardinal points According to the scientist, nature could not create such a figure. Moreover, speleological research undertaken by Osmanagic shows: around the imaginary pyramid are two or three more smaller structures, and connects their tunnel 3.8 km long Skepticism of the world community and international experts Semira is not scared. And the question is from where in the center of densely populated Europe has taken only one, but the giant pyramid, the archaeologist is still ignoring: “Who, when, how and why, let’s find out later, after the world recognizes our pyramid. “Excavations continue – to the delight of local residents, already began to make appropriate souvenirs: Bosnia – homeland pyramids1 SEEKED WATER, AND FOUND … About that in the vicinity Sevastopol at a depth of 10-15 meters hiding at least seven pyramids identical to the Egyptian ones became known by accident. Research Team led by Ph.D. Vitaly Anatolyevich Go-ho, practiced a new way geohydrodiagnostics, searching for fresh water sources on peninsula. And so, when we drilled one of the wells, we stumbled upon something strange. As further studies have shown, this is “something” had the shape of a pyramid. The fact that the pyramids are deep beneath land, inspires hope for their integrity and security. Unlikely they are plundered, and therefore, inside can still be artifacts valuable to science. By the way, the pyramids in Crimea searched back in 1926. Head of the Secret Laboratory neuroenergy-goetics Alexander Barchenko received an order from the chairman of the Cheka-OGPU F. Dzerzhinsky. But that expedition was doomed to failure ‘because all the searches were conducted on the surface of the earth, and not under her. Vitaly Goh correctly noted in an interview: “Who could suggest that such a whopper is hiding under his feet “Goh convinced that similar pyramids are built along the entire southern coast Crimea. “In the area from Sevastopol to Foros, we discovered seven pyramids at once. They are all located on the same line – on the same on which are the Tibetan pyramids, and the famous Stone Hange. And all these underground structures are oriented northwest. ” CRIMEAN SPHINX The height of the pyramids on the Crimean peninsula ranges from 45 to 52 m: it became known after careful scanning underground objects. In addition, it turned out that the western side of one of the pyramids has an additional built-in formation reminiscent of the Egyptian Sphinx in its form. Only the “Crimean Sphinx” is much smaller than its counterpart, but in in contrast, it faces west, not east. First analyzes samples taken by the Goh group showed that the Crimean pyramids are older Egyptian for 15-20 thousand years! And the construction in the Nile Valley unfolded, as you know, in the II-III millennium BC. e. Further – more: a serious scan of the peninsula revealed that in the Crimea there are up to 40 pyramids! Moreover, 28 of them form a huge rhombus with a center in the village of Red Poppy. But who and with what The goal was to build such a number of identical buildings on such relatively small plot of land? Theories are many, unambiguous No answer. We must wait for the end of the excavation – then, perhaps, everything will fall into place. In the meantime, scientists have only one, but very valuable find: at a depth of 12 meters, researchers found a narrow manhole, and obviously of artificial origin. Blocks manhole made from white limestone, however, like blocks of the underground object Vitaly Goh believes that the pyramids in the Crimea are intended for the transfer of space energy At the same time, some structures take energy, others, on the contrary, send it into space. Both those and others controlled by one star in the Northern Hemisphere. True, Goch’s theory more opponents than supporters By the way, and the fact of discovery pyramids in Crimea did not receive an official assessment from leading archaeologists. But in the story of the pyramids, this is a common thing … a pyramid and an amazing temple complex on the seabed near a small Yonaguni Islands in the spring of 1985 accidentally discovered a local diving instructor Chihachiro Aratake. He talked about his find specialists. Japanese newspapers are full of sensational headings. But the scientific community ignored the messages. The reason is simple. “Japanese wonder of the world” is hidden under water, but if a man had a hand in its creation, which means construction was carried out on drier! And this could happen only 10 thousand years ago, when the level of the oceans was 40 meters below the current level. However, science there is no information about culture that can create such monumental construction one hundred hundred years ago. According to scientists, at that time homo sapiens only took the first hesitant steps in side of civilization, waving an hatchet. And create wide even platforms, ornament of rectangles and rhombuses, intricate terraces running down in large steps, he clearly was not under force. Therefore, some researchers hastened to declare a hypothesis artificial origin of the underwater monument Yonaguni speculation, and others – blame everything on the bizarre game of nature. Only Masaaki Kimura took the discovery seriously – professor Ryukyu University, recognized specialist in marine geology and seismology. It took him 16 years to convince the fraternity in that megalith Yonaguni is a trace of ancient civilization. Today most Japanese scientists agree with Kimura, but in world science this fact is still either ignored or attempted to refute. Andrey EFIMOV, Nadezhda NADEZHKINA About the Chinese pyramids, located in Sichuan, the scientific world has known since 1944 – a U.S. Air Force pilot noticed them (on board his plane. In the late 1960s years thanks to images from space it became known that total stone giants 16. But the official science of China is in no hurry to deal with them, and the good-natured ones fail to come close to them: the only the accessible path to the pyramids lies through the Death Valley, where several international scientific expeditions disappeared. Locals sure that it is inhabited by spirits who do not tolerate next to her mere mortals. This explanation does not suit scientists, but enthusiasm does not add. Oracle Steps

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