Mysterious Russia: Mysterious Skulls or Experiments over humanity?

A photo from open sources

Throughout the country, the film crew of “Mysterious Russia” met in local museums strange finds of archaeologists – elongated deformed skulls. Experts say they belong to people. But what happened to these people and who they really were business? Republic of North Ossetia, the city of Vladikavkaz. At the stands expositions at the local museum anyone can see strange skulls of an unusual shape. Scientists claim: these are the skulls of ordinary people. However, to date, experts do not have indisputable and unequivocal information about why these people changed their form skulls.

One of the main mysteries is that not only in this Many centuries ago, a similar tradition existed in the region. Deformed skulls are still found throughout Russia, throughout to the world. However, it cannot be said that some nations transferred their knowledge about how to change the skull to others. The desire to give the head so a strange form appeared for everyone on their own. But even more the finds of elongated skulls, which are not altered at all, but were created by nature itself. Specialists in such cases talk about developmental disabilities or a genetic disease. But there are those who are sure: this violation in human genes has appeared not by chance. According to this theory, infants born with elongated skulls, carry a gene of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. The thing is that along with the human skulls that were deformed artificially or congenitally, were also found elongated skulls and completely unknown creatures. These skulls give birth many questions – from archaeologists, physicians and the most ordinary people. But not all of them can be answered. Cause the one who died many centuries ago, no longer speaks and does not tell about himself. But still the film crew of NTV “Mysterious Russia” made an attempt to solve the mystery of eggheads.


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