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It is known that long before the appearance of Jesus Christ to humanity there were other beliefs on earth. Tens of thousands of years before he came pyramids stood around the world as centers of spiritual life on Earth, moreover, man himself could not put such pyramids. Pyramids like the man himself, the aliens “set up”. Some of them put Aliens from the star system Sirius. Under one pyramid they left their crystal, supporting not only communication with them, but also a kind of mail. The rituals performed by the Mayan priests were different special cruelty. A living person has heart and blood like life, along a special gutter of the pyramid was headed for this crystal, and from there life force to Sirius. From 2012 will begin a complete break in communication occurs, the displacement of the Earth’s beam from Sirius. Sirius will begin to crash along with its carriers. But, on the other side, in the east of the old world in Tibet, Altai, in one of deserts, where the center of Shambhala is located, left their pyramids the inhabitants of the constellation Orion, and under one of them is stored a crystal that brings life to everything on Earth. From 2012 will begin to restore communication, the displacement of the Earth’s beam with Orion. Good will gain more power. Where does this life force come from? It is from this crystal. Therefore, people living around Shambhala differ in huge potential of life, childbearing, freshness mind, thoughts. In fact, both Orion and Sirius are called to keep life force and balance it, remove excess. It’s good seen on the example of the Egyptian pyramid in Giza, where in one face Orion shines, and in another Sirius, and this achieves the inner balance. Why is balance necessary? Maybe they thought that humanity will incredibly multiply and thereby destroy itself. May be so. What is Shambhala. According to esoteric The source of Shambhala is hidden in the impregnable the heights of the Himalayas, on the border of Tibet, Nepal and India, an area where since the death of Atlantis the descendants of the ancients highly developed civilizations, possessing the great knowledge of the departed eras. In ancient philosophical treatises of the inhabitants of a mysterious country called the Great teachers of mankind, a hierarchy of light forces, White Brotherhood. This monastery was created by representatives of the Supreme Reason in order to contribute as efficiently as possible spiritual and scientific development of all mankind. In India spiritual the ascetics of Shambhala are called Mahatmas, which in translation means “Great souls.” There were many students and employees of Shambhala. historical figures of the past. Among them is an esoteric tradition. includes Apollonius of Tyana, Pythagoras, Plato, Akbar the Great, Paracelsus, Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno and many others mysterious geniuses who have made a very valuable, constructive contribution to world history. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the spiritual community is quite open declared its existence. The first information about Shambhala was brought to the West by prominent cultural figures recognized in scientific and social circles, researchers and travelers – the family of the Roerichs and E.P. Blavatsky. They brought knowledge about Shambhala and stated that Shambhala is not fiction, but reality and Shambhala spiritual teachers are paranormal people to our standards, spiritual, mental and intellectual abilities. This center exists in etheric matter, and when humanity will develop ethereal vision, its location will be established and its reality will be recognized. So, for today there are two crystals on Earth, one gives life, the other gives it picks up. There are fans of both. What can be said. God gave man freedom. This is a personal matter for everyone to choose. Light and dark. Good and evil. This is what the Bible says about this: “For who loves life and wants to see good days, that keep your tongue from their evil and mouth from crafty speeches; evade evil and do good; seek the world and strive for it, because the eyes of the Lord are turned to the righteous and his ears to their prayer, but the face of the Lord against those who do evil (to exterminate them from the earth). (1 Epistle of Apostle Peter, 3-10,11,12).

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