12,000-year-old skull with a microcircuit found under water in mexico

12,000-year-old skull with a microcircuit found underwater in MexicoA photo from open sources

Divers recently descending into a giant cave system Sak-Aktun in the Mexican part of the Yucatan Peninsula, discovered the remains of a person about 12 thousand years old. According to the archaeologist Guillermo de Anda, in one of the caves lay a human skull, covered with limestone. Scientists believe that contributed to this rainwater, that is, the remains were in the soil long before how the 317-kilometer Sak-Aktun was flooded 9 thousand years ago.

According to experts, numerous bones belong to the Indians Mayans who could come down here in search of drinking water and for in order to wait for various disasters. The above skull was recognized by researchers as a finding of utmost importance than interested many researchers of antiquity, but a little later archaeologists suddenly stopped talking about him, as if nothing and found. This aroused even greater world curiosity. the public. Mexican journalist Pedro Sanche, who served a In short, 9 months in prison for his too free civilians views, claims that one of the insiders told him the secret of this skull, and this secret turned out to be truly incredible.

Skull with a microcircuit became an objectionable artifact

Mexican says that experts unexpectedly found an artificial implant in the skull. First people of science felt that this is an ordinary metal plate implanted in head of an Indian after trepanation of the skull (such surgical operations at that time far from us were already practiced), however, at it turned out to be a completely different artifact, and scientists did not believe to your eyes. Sanche says that in the skull of an Indian turned out to be a real microchip, and everything indicates that it was implanted to an ancient person 12 thousand years ago! How is that perhaps no one even guessed. Inappropriate find following the charter, they were quickly handed over to the authorities, and they strictly forbade archaeologists spread about it.

A photo from open sources

It is alleged that the skull had traces of cranial surgery, and the mysterious integrated circuit, seemingly copper, was expertly implanted in the bone of the parietal lobe. Using a microscope, scientists found on the chip an extremely thin branched network contacts. One can only guess who implanted the most complicated a chip in the head of the Mayan and what a sensation this would become news if it weren’t kept secret from us. However, such objectionable official science and authorities find fantastic artifacts with enviable constancy, however, even when it comes to public coverage of sensational news, in our world nothing changes, and the finds themselves disappear somewhere without a trace. In this case the microchip was “buried” without even making it a sensation for a while for the general public. This also happens around and everywhere…

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