13 inexplicable secrets of our planet

Mosaic pattern in China

These strange lines are found in the desert of a Chinese province. Gansu Shen. Their coordinates: 40 ° 27’28.56 ″ N, 93 ° 23’34.42 ″ E Virtually nothing is known about this strange but very beautiful mosaic pattern.

13 inexplicable secrets of our planetPhotos from open sources

Unofficial notes say they appeared in 2004 year. It should be noted that these lines are located near the caves. Mogao, which are a World Heritage Site. Pattern retains its proportions, despite its huge size and surface roughness.

Mysterious Stone Doll

In 1889, while drilling a well in the town of Nampa State Idaho made a find that excited the scientific world of the past centuries. A small figure was found at a depth of 320 feet. a person who was definitely created by the hands of people. All the mystery is that the figure, judging by the depth at which it was found, was here long before the appearance of people in this part of the world.

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However, the find did not cause heated debate among scientists. They are they simply stated that this could not be.

First stone calendar

Egypt has the oldest astronomically verified stone construction in the world. It is called Nabta and is located in Sahara desert. A thousand years before the creation of Stonehenge, people made up a circle of cobblestones on the shore of a lake that had long been is dry. More than 6 thousand years ago, workers had to drag three-meter stone slabs over a distance of one kilometer. The photo shows the stones that have survived to our time. There is evidence that in the past there were several wet periods (when the average annual rainfall reached 550 mm), the last of which occurred in the last interglacial (130 thousand years ago) and the beginning of the last ice age (70 thousand years back).

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During this time, there was a savannah in which they now lived extinct bison and large giraffes, as well as various species of antelopes and gazelles. Beginning around the 10th millennium BC. the lake has become to fill thanks to heavy rainfall. Most likely a source of water attracted the first settlers. The first human settlements date from around 10-8 millennia BC

300 million year old iron bolt

In the summer of 1998, Russian scientists who investigated the 300-kilometer site southwest of Moscow in search of meteorite fragments, found the stone in which the iron bolt is enclosed. According to geologists, the age of the stone is 300-320 million years.

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But in those days there weren’t even dinosaurs, not to mention intelligent life. A bolt in which the head with the rod is clearly visible, It has a length of about a centimeter and a width of about three millimeters.

Ancient spaceship

This ancient cave painting in Japan dates from more than 5000 years BC

A photo from open sources

Sliding stones

Even NASA cannot explain it. One can only be surprised stones moving along the bottom of the dried Lake Raistrek-Playa, which located in Death Valley. This is a completely flat lake, which covered with cracked clay, stretches for 2.5 miles (approx. 4 km.) from north to south and 1.25 miles (approx. 2 km.) from west to east.

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Stones (some weigh hundreds of kilograms) slide on clay surface, leaving a wake mark. Yet no one could witness this phenomenon.

Pyramid energy

The city of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Into the walls of this ancient city large mica plates are embedded. Nearest mica quarry located in Brazil, a few thousand kilometers from Teotihuacan. Nowadays, mica is used in energy production, however the question arises as to why the ancient builders went on such extreme measures to use this mineral in their buildings cities.

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Is it possible that ancient architects used sources energies that were then completely forgotten?

Inexplicable Dog Suicides

The bridge, built in 1859 over the Overtown River in Scotland, became famous for a series of mysterious canine suicides.

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These incidents were first recorded around 1950-60 years when it was noticed that dogs (mostly with long muzzle, like a collie) suddenly and suddenly jumped off 15-meter bridge to meet death.

Fossil giant

A 12-foot petrified giant was found in 1895 during mining in the English city of Antrim. Giant photos taken from the British magazine “Strand” for December 1895. His high – 12 feet 2 inches (3.7 m.), Chest circumference – 6 feet 6 inches (2 m.), arm length – 4 feet 6 inches (1.4 m.). Notably that on his right foot 6 toes.

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Six fingers and toes resemble the people mentioned in Bibles (2nd book of Samuel): “There was still a battle in Gath; and there was one tall man with six fingers and toes, only twenty four ”

The ruins of Atlantis?

Scientists continue to explore the ruins of megaliths in so called the Yucatan Strait, located in the Cuban region. Ruin stretched for many kilometers along the coast. American archaeologists who found this place immediately stated that they had found Atlantis (for the umpteenth time in the history of underwater archeology).

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Scuba divers visit the ruins from time to time, however other interested persons can be content only with video shooting or computer reconstruction of the city of the “golden age”, buried under the water.

Giants from nevada

There is a Native American legend about 12-foot (3.6 m) red-haired the giants that lived in the Nevada area. It talks about Native Americans killing giants in a cave. During excavation guano a huge jaw was found. The photo compares two jaw: found and normal human.

A photo from open sources

In 1931, two skeletons were found at the bottom of the lake. One was 8 feet (2.4 m) high and the other a little less than 10 feet (approx. 3 m.).

Aluminum wedge from Ayuda

In 1974, on the banks of the Maros River, which is located next to the city of Ayud in Transylvania, an aluminum wedge was found, covered with a thick layer of oxide. It is noteworthy that he was found among the remains of a mastodon, who are 20 thousand years old. Usually found aluminum with impurities of other metals, but the wedge was pure aluminum.

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It is impossible to find an explanation for this finding, since aluminum was opened only in 1808, and in industrial quantities became only in 1885. The wedge is still on research in some secret place.

Lolladoff Plate

Lolladoff Plate is a stone disc found in Nepal, which is 12 thousand years old. Apparently not only Egypt visited aliens in ancient times. It clearly depicts a UFO in the form of plates. Also on the disc is a drawing of a creature that resembles “Gray” – gray aliens.

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Atlantis Water Time Egypt Stones Bridges Caves

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