200 million human footprint years

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For a long time it was believed that a reasonable person appeared on Earth 40,000 years ago. Recent studies have pushed this line to marks 200,000 years. However, time after time the facts come up, testifying that not thousands, but millions of years ago, when on Dinosaurs reigned on the earth, people walked around the planet. And it was by no means not savages.

Is man a contemporary of dinosaurs?

100 million years ago, somewhere in the area of ​​the present suburb of Glen Rose (Texas, USA) ran a dinosaur. On mud surface remained a trace of traces. In 1972, these prints in already solidified limestone was discovered by paleontologist S. Taylor. Beside there was another chain of tracks. The man was running. Not one fingerprint, but Our distant ancestor left 14 traces in soft silt! Traces stacked on top of each other. So almost were left at the same time – 100 million years ago.

A photo from open sources

Fingerprints were found during lengthy (1969-1972) excavations, carried out using earthmoving equipment, at a depth of almost 4 meters, which eliminates the possibility of mystification. (The jokers should have first, with the help of an excavator, get to the stove, hollow out the tracks, and then bury everything with a bulldozer. And arrange it all so so that not a single Gln-Rose resident will notice anything!) keep silence.

Fingerprints at Glen Rose are not the only ones. In 1983, the imprint a man’s bare feet were found in Turkmenistan. Age of breed storing prints – 150 million years. In 1987, in New Mexico, a paleontologist Jerry MacDonald found a footprint of a man in a breed, relating to the Permian period (this is 250 million years ago). MacDonald declined to comment on his find.

More prints of human feet were found in Central America, Turkey, Africa. True, these prints are not so clear, yes and they’re just “children’s” age – just a few million years! However, not all of our ancestors walked barefoot. Someone went to shoes.

Whose footprints?

A photo from open sources

This print was found in 1922 in Nevada by John Reid, a geologist and engineer. Professors from the Museum of Natural History and Columbia of the university, which Raid showed artifact, explained everything “game nature. “But no one questioned the age of the fossil – how at least 200 million years, then all the experts were unanimous. IN Rockefeller Institute conducted a microscopic analysis, according to the results of which experts reached a verdict: imprint clearly left man-made item.

This imprint – a real “baby” – only 15 million years old. Found in Fisher Canyon, all in the same Nevada, in development coal seam. Unbiased opinion of a police expert: bulk boot, dual sole sole, even stitches visible. Running 13th size. Imprint of the right foot (heel with the right side stoptan stronger).

In 1968, another paleontologist William Meister in Utah also found an imprint resembling a footprint of shoes. That it is precisely trace, not a game of nature, no doubt. Somebody front end the soles were crushed by a small trilobite whose remains were petrified along with the imprint. Scientists confidently identified the animal – the last representatives of this species died out 280 million years back.

A photo from open sources

So who “inherited”? Representative of a vanished civilization? Or an alien who studied the planet for possible colonization?

There is another theory according to which no ancestors left traces, and our descendants. Tourists who have mastered the technology of time travel of the future will travel not only in space but also in time. So it is quite possible that the problematic imprint left a descendant who wanted to go on a tour on Sunday to see on a living dinosaur.

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