25 thousand years old eternal engine: why are his studies suppressed?

The perpetual motion machine that is 25 thousand years old: why are its studies suppressed?A photo from open sources

What would happen if the work of the inventor Nikola Tesla did not has been discontinued? As you know, the research of Nikola Tesla related with ways to get free inexhaustible energy were rejected and discontinued as they did not fit into the existing at that time the scientific picture of the world, and threatened economic stability. Is there a chance that we have long been would refuse to extract fossil fuels if Tesla’s work was not closed? This question constantly comes to mind when it comes to comes to the doctor of sociology of the University of Sarajevo, amateur archaeologist and writer Semira Osmanagic. He was engaged pyramid research around the world, but its largest The achievement is the discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia, in the town of Visoko. Even more remarkable, however, is that bullying which he was subjected and his incredible find, both from the side of funds media, and from fellow scientists. This is typical for modernity: as soon as systems are at risk control over society, all forces are rushing to declare innovations or, conversely, rediscovered powerful ancient technology deception, fake. Venerable archaeologists have performed with mocking and defaming campaigns against the work of the doctor Osmanagich, probably out of fear that his discovery would jeopardize all modern archaeological science. The fact is that during A large-scale study made an amazing discovery: the pyramid complex in Bosnia is the oldest in the world, and these pyramids emit energy beams in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Moreover, the origin of this energy is modern science unable to explain. Evidence of this phenomenon is inverted generally accepted view of the history of Europe and humanity as a whole, and also on religion and science.

Radiocarbon analysis proved that the Bosnian pyramid at least 25 thousand years. After discovery by Dr. Osmanagich and his team of scientists from different countries, the most active archaeological Excavations in the world are being conducted there, at the pyramid of the Sun, in Visoko. One of the results of the work was the detection of energy beam, about 4 meters in radius, with a frequency of 28 kHz, emanating from the center of the pyramid. This phenomenon was recorded independently of each other. friend by four scientists.

Dr. Osmanagich suggests that this energy beam is the reason for the construction of the pyramid of the sun. She was inexhaustible a source of clean energy for the ancient inhabitants of Bosnia. This theory has found many confirmations in the book. Giza Power Station by Christopher Dunn, published in 1998 year.

However, and besides the energy anomaly, the pyramids are fraught with a lot of mystery. Here are a few facts about them:

  1. These are the very first pyramids in Europe.

  2. They are the largest and widest in the world. Aerial shots and from space show that the four faces of the four pyramids are perfect oriented in the sky and facing north, south, east and west, the distance between the pyramids is the same (about 2.2 km), and the peaks three of them form a perfect equilateral triangle. Orientation to the cardinal directions is the most accurate, although on the sides lights are also aligned pyramids in Peru, Egypt, Guatemala and China.

  3. The concrete foundation of the pyramids is incredibly high quality and strong, much better than modern in all respects. Carried out research geologists have also confirmed that the pyramid is completely consists of blocks that were processed manually. Between the flat parts of the blocks fitted close together notice a binder conglomerate consisting of quartz and mica.

  4. These pyramids are the oldest on the planet.

  5. Under the so-called pyramid of the sun is a huge network tunnels and rooms, the construction of which can be attributed to prehistoric period. Of course, this is typical of pyramids. Underground passages connect all the pyramids in Giza and the entire complex – with by the Nile River, in Teotihuacan underground there is a four-chamber cave with transitions; the underground labyrinth of the step pyramid in Saqqara, underground tunnels of the Chinese pyramids – in all such structures tunnels connect strategically important points, such as wells, with certain rooms. The purpose of these premises is unclear, however current excavations allow us to state with confidence that tunnels were not mines or mines, as no tools, but also coal, gold or other suitable for mining in they were not found. The only thing found in the underground catacombs Bosnian pyramids, these are giant ceramic blocks weighing over nine tons each.

Dr. Osmanagich happened to take in the town of Visoko many guests: scientists, specialists from various fields who wished to see the amazing pyramids with their own eyes and make sure firsthand in the presence of anomalies in these places. Among them was, to for example, the British scientist and inventor Harry Oldfield, who used a special camera and managed to fix the notorious electromagnetic waves over the hills of Visoko. Luminaries agreed on the opinion that the pyramidal structures in Bosnia and other countries, the most young of which are more than ten thousand years old, cannot be built now, even using all available in twenty first century technology. And to explain this fact, science also unable. “Despite initial skepticism, now our work is supported by hundreds of scientists from around the world, on our side archaeologists, physicists, chemists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, ” – rejoices Dr. Osmanagich.

Perhaps now is the time to rewrite our history books, otherwise the gap between the old paradigm of thinking and the new will become so great that the conflict between these camps will be continue to promote the denial and rejection of ancient technologies, instead of promoting them.

“We urgently need to change our mistaken view to culture and technology of the ancients, says journalist and writer Philip Coppens, – It seems to us that we have become smarter, but in fact our ancestors deeply understood the essence of nature and the universe, as well as Nikola Tesla, whose ideas could not be realized just because there were unsuitable for the dominant economic model on earth. ” From the point of view of Coppens, our distant ancestors owned an amazing energy production technology, which in our time may already be measured, but still, as in the time of Tesla, not amenable to understanding.

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