30 thousand Christmas joke dollars

A Christmas joke worth 30 thousand dollarsPhoto from open sources

In the American city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania recently there was a curious case of the Christmas sense: from the den of the city hall the porcelain baby Jesus was kidnapped.

Moreover, the kidnapped “child” was taken to the hospital of Saint Luke and left in the baby box with a very interesting note. In her the child’s right leg is said to be damaged, although his parents For some reason, Mary and Joseph do not show any worries. And signature: worried city dwellers.

A photo from open sources

Thanks to surveillance cameras installed near the city hall, the kidnapper was able to quickly calculate and arrest. It turned out to be 49-year-old American Jacqueline Ross. Journalist Joinfo Maria Loudly managed to find out what inspired the woman to such a strange a crime, because she was seriously charged with theft and vandalism. It turns out that the American just decided this way fooling around – it was her Christmas joke.

Be that as it may, but this joke for Jacqueline Ross can do without tidy sum, they can now release it only on bail of 30 thousand dollars, otherwise both Christmas and New Year to a woman will have to meet in prison. The journalist, however, failed find out whether Jacqueline herself regrets what she did and is going to any of her relatives make a deposit for her.

However, there is something positive in this story: experts took into account the statement of an American about a damaged leg of a china baby Jesus, they repaired the figurine and only after that returned it to the manger Den of City Hall.

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