Among the players of Rwanda banned witchcraft

Among Rwandan footballers banned witchcraftPhoto from open sources

Football Federation of the Republic of Rwanda bans athletes apply magic rituals during matches in order to influence such way to the outcome of the match.

To many, such a ban may seem funny, but in Eastern Africa people are very superstitious, and a football player can really to disqualify if they consider that his success in the game is the result is not strength, endurance and quick reaction, but the appeal to higher powers.

Representatives of the Federation issued such a decree after in a recent match, a Rwandan soccer player performed a special ritual dance, and a minute later he scored a master goal. Now, if this behavior of the players is repeated, each athlete resorting to magic will be fined an amount equivalent to 7400 Russian rubles, and his team can expect technical defeat. Vedasite Kairangi – President of the Football Federation – reports that in no other country in the world such sports prohibitions was not, however, their introduction was a necessary step, without which not enough.

A photo from open sources

Perhaps other African countries will follow the example of Rwanda. Not so long ago, between Senegal and Nigeria a duel for the Cup took place African nations. Nigeria first lost with the score 0: 1, however, representatives of her team suddenly ran to the gate enemy and pulled out some object. Soon Nigerian the players scored two goals and won this match with a score of 2: 1. It is believed that they removed from the gates of rivals a witching protective an amulet that brave the opponent’s ball. This behavior of both teams almost collapsed between them and the collapse of the match.

Superstition or awareness of the power of witchcraft?

However, it is worth noting that the players to one degree or another superstitious absolutely everywhere. They can be called the most superstitious athletes of the world.

Football players, for example, prefer to play their whole career under the same number, in no case not agreeing to it change. It is believed that the team that went out to warm up first, fortune often turns face, so every club tries to be on the field earlier. During the penalty shootout football players try not to look into the goalkeeper’s eyes. And such will accept with rituals there is a carriage and a small cart.

Probably no one will be surprised if the current initiative of the Republic Rwanda’s prohibition of magic rituals will soon not spread only to African countries, but also to the whole world. Modern society increasingly comes to understand that magic is far from fairy tales and not toys in witchcraft, but real power, and mighty and not subject to logic …


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