Tourists jumped out of the plane seconds before crash

A photo from open sources

Pashutists managed to miraculously escape by jumping from falling into Aircraft Lake In New Zealand, a group of 13 people – six passengers and seven crew members – miraculously managed to escape, in the last moment putting on parachutes and jumping from falling into the lake aircraft – just a few moments before the crash. As reported The New Zealand Herald, crew and passengers put on parachutes and, grouped in pairs, alternately jumped out aircraft in distress, which right after their miraculous salvation immediately collapsed into Lake Taupo in New Zealand The north island is about 200 meters from the coast. According to eyewitness, no more than 15 passed between the jump and the plane crash seconds. The pilot left last aboard, when there was no more about 300 meters. It is reported that he escaped with scratches after landing in blackberry bushes on the lake. “It’s simple surprisingly, they were able to jump out of the plane so quickly and to stay alive, “one of the eyewitnesses said.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Witnesses of the crash right there called an ambulance. One of them sailed on a boat to the crash site. airliner to check if any of the passengers are stuck in wreckage of an airplane. After that, he picked up the survivors on the boat paratroopers and brought them ashore, where they were already waiting rescue services. It is reported that the plane crash occurred due to engine problems. Aircraft owned by Skydive Taupo skydiving services – skydiving, reports RIA “Novosti”.



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