How to fool people with fake news

What to do so that people stop thinking and believe in everything? It is enough to publish the invented information by attaching to it logo of a famous and respected institution. Better yet, repeat it’s on tv.

This will be enough for some people to be convinced that on January 4 we will stop feeling for a moment Earth’s gravity.

It all started with a fake post on NASA’s microblog. Twitter

“At 9:47 a.m. January 4 Pacific Standard Time the long-awaited parade of planets will lead to gravitational fluctuations, that will lose you weight for a short period of time # be prepared “, – reads this message.

How people were deceived with the help of fake newsA photo from open sources

Do people believe in everything?

There is no need to be an expert to understand what these warnings are not true. However it turns out that it’s enough to publish some nonsense, add the logo of a venerable institution (in this case, NASA), and at least part of internet users unquestioningly will believe in anything.

So it happened this time. Information repeated several thematic sites (fortunately, at a minimum size). IN The United States was alarmed by the Daily Buzz station, which even explained that soaring in the air will last three whole seconds.

Television knows best

The station later tried to explain that this was just a joke, but this was enough for tens of thousands of people to repeat in social networks information “confirmed” on TV.

This is not the first such case. Story of this joke It turns out to be surprisingly long. For the first time, she was told British science writer and TV presenter Alfred Patrick Moore.

On April 1, 1976, during a broadcast on BBC Radio, he announced that on this day, as a result of the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, on minute gravity will weaken.

Many listeners called the studio that day talking about that they noticed weight loss or even took off in the air. This served as proof of how deceived people are, believing everything the media say. In fact, the joke was both ether and calls from listeners.

Fake tweets?

The dissemination of this information was wide enough, therefore, the institution decided on the application because of which, judging by everything, it all started. Gravitational Anomaly Statement NASA commented briefly on Twitter: “Message fake. ”

It’s a pity that people are so easily deceived by untruthful information, easily distributed on the internet. But this is nothing new and, unfortunately, it’s hard to change it somehow.

NASA Gravity Time

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