“Something terrible will happen on December 31”

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Don’t let the headline scare you – terrible tragedy soon prophesy of time only to Americans, and even then living in the city of Aurora in northern Illinois.

Thousands of black and white cards appeared in one night in local mailboxes, on car windshields, on benches, monuments, shop windows and just on the ground. Unknown person or, rather, a group of people littered overnight with these notes the whole city. Cards with unusual content riveted close attention not only to ordinary citizens, but also police officers and Aurora journalists.

“Something terrible will happen on December 31, 2016. Those of you who endowed with wisdom, will soon discover the truth and begin to act yet before it’s too late, “some messages read.

A photo from open sources

“If you are vigilant and observant, you will see clues when will move on the roads. The answer is around you. But can you to find him before evil is done? “- says others.

“You lived too long without being interested in your surroundings.” reality. Will you be able to pay the necessary price for your ignorance? “- terrify the third.

Many of these cards are stocked with hourglass images, symbolizing, apparently, the transience of time before some inevitable disaster.

Local sheriff Dan Ferrelli reports: “Follows any effort avoid panic in society. Many employees law enforcement is working to determine all Is the city calm. There is no reason to fear so far terrorist act or some other planned tragedy. We assume that all this is someone’s stupid prank. Someone wanted quick fame, so he began to scare the townspeople. By Nevertheless, we will definitely check everything and we will be especially vigilant the remaining days of the outgoing year. ”

A photo from open sources

I wonder if the inhabitants of Orora are really in for a catastrophe? Maybe the mysterious messages are not about a terrorist attack, but about some kind of supernatural threat, for example, about an invasion aliens? ..


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