A teenager walled up alive in a wall

A teenager walled up alive in a wallPhotos from open sources of

In Nigeria, a strange and at the same time terrible incident occurred. IN one of the settlements of Ondro from the wall of the building suddenly became wailing sounds and angry crying. The inhabitants did not know that and think about it.

However, the local shaman reassured the Nigerians by telling them that this the spirits of the jungle appeared to people in order to recall the life of righteousness, and it is possible that spirits were let into the village with the help of black magic ill-wishers. Naturally, everyone was afraid to even approach this creepy wall, and so as not to hear the sounds and sobs that cling to soul, residents tried to get around the cursed place by another road.

And so it went on for three days, after which the voices behind the wall became subsided and soon disappeared altogether. This aroused suspicion since it was very similar that there was something living in the wall that just exhausted during this time.

A photo from open sources

And then the men of the village ventured and broke the wall. To their complete amazed, it turned out to be a walled-up boy of about twelve. it for three days he called to people for help and cried, and then just grew weak and began to die. Fortunately, albeit somewhat belated, but help to the child nevertheless came …

Now the police are finding out who and for what walled up the little boy in the wall, and why it all happened. The boy himself was sent to hospital and now nothing threatens his life. Turns out that the child was destined to pass a terrible test, but not die…

A photo from open sources

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