410 million years old spider taught again to walk

A photo from open sources

Scientists recently demonstrated a video in which they recreated the movement of the ancient spider ancestor. This spider ancestor lived on our planet about 410 million years ago /esoreiter.ru/. The arachnid’s creepy gait was remodeled based on the fossilized sections of the limbs of this creature. Fossils were found in Renee Damn (Scotland). The team of scientists used several specimens of an extinct spider ancestor named Paleocharinus, which were taken from the London Museum of Natural History. Paleocharinus crawled around our planet during the Devonian period (between 416 million and 358 million years ago). In this time period the main species of living things were still in the oceans, although the first insects appeared on land, including Paleocharinus.

Researchers believe that Paleocharinus were predators that hunted from an ambush, imperceptibly creeping up to prey. Paleontologist from the University of Manchester, co-author of the research, Russell Garwood, says in a statement: “Long before our ancestors left of the sea, these early arachnids were the highest link in the food chain. During their heyday, the species of arachnids was an order of magnitude more than species of modern spiders. But the loss of swampy forests, the appearance of four-legged predators, as well as the size of the spiders doomed these creatures to extinction. “To recreate the gait of the ancients arachnid team of scientists studied Paleocharinus limbs under light microscope and photographed its cross sections. Some of the fossils are so well preserved that you can was to consider not only the limbs and muscle tendons, but also darkened thickenings on cuticles of paws. Then the researchers added anatomical details of fossil spiders to the program under called “blender”, and using computer graphics could Integrate them with the displacement model of modern spiders. New modeling showed that ancient arachnids moved approximately the same as modern spiders.


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