5,000-year-old remains unearthed in China giants

In China, dug up the 5,000-year-old remains of giantsPhoto from open sources

Archaeologists from the People’s Republic of China found on the territory of Shandong province, which is located in the east of the country, the remains of giants who lived about five millennia ago. These people, unusually tall for their time, had growth under two meter. Even today, such individuals would obviously be considered very tall.

Fan Hui, Head of Culture and History Studies Shandong University, told reporters: “The height of each of the skeletons we found is an average of two meters. Naturally, during life, these people were even higher. I guess what is physique was due to the presence of this tribe rich food sources. ”

An amazing find was made only now during archaeological excavations begun last year in the vicinity Jinan City. At present, Chinese scientists have discovered more two hundred graves, over a hundred ruins of buildings and about twenty sacrificial pits. According to researchers, extracted from underground bones are the remains of representatives of the Eneolithic culture Longshan, once inhabited the Yellow River basin in the first half third millennium BC.

Experts have established that these ancestors of modern Chinese had a relatively developed agriculture. They in particular pigs were bred and several cereals were grown. Judging by found artifacts and ruins, ancient giants lived on this Territory in sufficient comfort. There were bedrooms in their homes kitchens and other specialized rooms, as well as dishes and other household items.

Giants China

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