6 extinct animals that can be returned to of life

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If scientists can ever overcome obstacles in the thorny path of ethics and morality, we can see firsthand, at least six extinct animal species.

A photo from open sources Mammoth Despite the fact that mammoths became extinct about 10 thousand years ago, they are the closest relatives of modern elephants. At the moment, scientists from Russia and South Korea are ready to embark on an ambitious project, the goal which – using DNA and eggs of the Asian elephant to recreate living mammoth specimen.

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources

Tasmanian tiger tasmanian tigers that inhabited the territory the Australian islands of Tasmania were completely exterminated by 1930 by order of the government of Tasmania. This decree was issued in 1900. year due to the mass destruction of domestic animals by tigers farmers. The last of this rare species died in 1936 at the zoo of Tasmania.

A photo from open sources

Wandering Dove (Ectopistes migratorius) To Extinction This harmless species was caused by large-scale deforestation in their zone habitat in eastern north america as well as permanent hunting for these pigeons. The last wandering dove died in Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. Photos from open sources

“Gastric” frog This frog species had enough unique breeding method: the female swallowed the fertilized eggs, then from her stomach the embryos fall into the uterus, and childbirth occurred again through the mouth. According to scientists, logging and chytrid fungi became the main causes of the disappearance of this kind of.

A photo Open Source Caroline Parrot This View parrots, whose habitat is the eastern and southeastern part United States, extinct at the beginning of the twentieth century. To this sad the event was led by the immoderate shooting of these yellow-headed birds, as well as the disappearance of old hollow trees that were necessary for their nesting.

A photo from open sources Sabretooth cats This type of cat completely extinct over 11 thousand years ago. Saber-toothed cats got its name thanks to its very long and curved fangs, which sometimes reached up to 20 cm in length. In their bodybuilding, these cats were significantly stronger than their modern descendants, but less graceful.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

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