6 incredible theories about our existence

The universe is an amazing place, and thanks to science, we We learn more and more incredible things about her device. When one of the theories presented below about our existence, many of us perceive them with a certain share skepticism.

But do not forget that they were developed by famous scientists, and, Despite crazy ideas, there may be some truth in them.

1. The Universe is the Matrix

Theory: We all live in the Matrix

In the movie “The Matrix,” the main character played by Keanu Reeves discovers that the Universe in which he lives is just a huge robotic computer program intelligence. However, there are scientists who have seriously thought about the idea that we live in a true Matrix.

6 incredible theories about our existenceA photo from open sources

British philosopher Nick Bostrom came to the conclusion that we live in a very complex version of the game “The Sims”. Idea is that we are capable and inclined to build artificial reality that proves ever-growing gaming industry.

Inevitably one day, when technology will allow us, we will create our Matrix. She will become more and more realistic and complex until one day creates its civilization, which in turn will build its Matrix and so further to infinity.

Later physicist Silas Beane of the University Bonn in Germany proposed his theory. According to her, if we live in a computer model, then our universe should have “resolution”. In other words, there must be a limit to how small an object can be, just as nothing can be less than a pixel on a computer screen.

Such a restriction was found and called the limit Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin. Although in scientific language it sounds rather complicated, it’s considered that this is the first evidence that the world around us is made up of artificial bits created by another intelligence.

2. Doubles in the Universe

Theory: Your double exists somewhere

If some experts are right, then somewhere in the universe your double exists. According to this assumption, perhaps only a certain number of particle combinations.

So, for example, if in a room with children leave sets of 5 LEGO parts, then someone will definitely build the same structure. Likewise, everything in the world, including humans, like LEGO structures, made out of tiny particles.

There are a certain number of combinations, and in a huge Of the universe, all these parts will inevitably converge again in the same place and create another version of you.

However, you are unlikely to intersect. According to calculations, your double lives from about 10 to 10 ^ 28 meters from you.

However, the larger the universe, the more likely it is that somewhere another “you” walks around. Scientists don’t know how big the Universe is, but if it turns out to be infinite, then the fact that you have the cosmic twin is very definite. IN infinite scale, each structure in the end repeated.

3. The Universe and String Theory

Theory: Once upon a time we will encounter another Universe

According to string theory, the whole universe is bogged down in a huge 4 a dimensional sheet of fabric called “brane.” Moreover, in space other “branes” swim outside our Universe. In other words, parallel universes. Nothing Regulates Them movement and at one point they can collide.

So physicist Anthony Aguirre from University of California thinks it looks like a huge mirror that falls on us from the sky.

Tufts University physicist Alex Vilenkin (Alex Vilenkin) discovered traces of a collision between ours and another The universe at some point in history.

Relic radiation is known to be weak radioactive. the signal that permeates the entire universe is uniform in the whole universe. But in some places “hot” and “cold” places, which may be evidence that others Universes collided with ours.

4. The world is a quantum computer

Theory: Our world is like a huge computer

There is another theory that claims that this is our world. a computer. According to this view, all the stars and planets, galaxies and black holes are nothing but schemes and processors on the motherboard.

A photo from open sources

In the theory proposed by Professor Vlatko Vedral (Vlatko Vedral) from Oxford, the main component of the universe is not matter and not energy, but “bit” is the tiniest unit information that is used in the computer. Essentially one a bit is the answer “yes” or “no”, “1” or “0”, and the computer uses tiny switches for their calculations.

Subatomic particles also represent trillions of such “bits”. Each time a particle comes in contact with another, bits of information are exchanged.

Professor Seth Lloyd from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also believes that the universe is a huge quantum computer that produced everything that we see and ourselves, launching space the program.

5. Black holes

Theory: We live in a black hole

As you know, black holes are so dense objects that even the light cannot leave them. According to Dr. Nicodemus Poplavsky (Dr. Nikodem Poplawski) from Indiana University, all the matter that is sucked into a black hole can turn into the new universe on the other hand.

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Until now, scientists do not know what happens if something turns out to be in a black hole. According to Poplavsky’s calculations, matter, passing through a black hole is like a big bang in another reality. Thus, a black hole can become a door to another world.

In other words, a black hole pulls matter inward and squeezes her, and the “white hole” squeezes her. Compression and expansion of matter mathematically equivalent to creating the universe.

6. The Big Bang Theory and Stopping the Universe

Theory: The Universe Can Stop

Since the Big Bang happened 14 billion years ago, The universe was expanding. However, contrary to common sense, its expansion rate began to increase.

Until recently, it was believed that everything should slow down as of how gravity sucks all galaxies back to each other to a friend.

Many physicists state the theory of “dark energy” – invisible antigravity, which pushes distant galaxies even further. However, according to the new theory of two Spanish universities, The universe is not accelerating, but time is actually slows down.

If this is true, this may explain why it seems as if distant galaxies are accelerating. It just takes a long time so that their light reaches us and we see them at that moment time when they were moving faster than now. it’s the same means that time continues to slow down until it at all will stop and not freeze forever.

Time Universe Galaxy Doubles Life in a matrix Black hole

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