7 most mysterious archaeological finds on The earth

Mysterious ancient finds, despite their age and the constant “heated” debate around them by scientists, still not only excite our imagination, but also make us think about the meaning being and its secrets. Photos from open sources

Atlantis The location of this lost city considered the Bahamas and the Greek Islands, Cuba and even Japan. First the ancient Greek historian Plato wrote about Atlantis. He described Atlantis as a mythical island equipped with a very powerful military a technique that as a result of a terrible disaster forever plunged into the deep sea more than 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists of all worlds not only discuss the reality of historical existence islands, but also try to determine the most likely it location.

A photo from open sources Stonehenge Prehistoric monument, known as Stonehenge, is one of the most famous sights of the world. The ring of megalithic stones was built more than 4,000 years ago and was a huge achievement for people of that time. Today it is not known for what purpose this structure was erected. Opinions of scientists range from astronomical observatory to the religious temple of healing. Photos from open sources

Ancient animal traps Constructed by ancient people low stone structures crossing the deserts of Israel, Egypt and Jordan was seriously puzzled by archaeologists. Length of some stone lines reaches 64 km. Scientists managed to find out their age – it turned out that they were built around 300 BC and served a kind of corral for wild animals. Photos from open sources

Antikythera mechanism This mechanism still remains one of the main archaeological puzzles. It was discovered in the wreckage of a sunken Greek ship near the island of Antikythera. The artifact is 2000 years old, it is made of bronze in the form of a circle, which depicts a maze with mysterious creatures and symbols. This is the most difficult device ever found in history. of humanity. Some people think that the anti-cheater mechanism is navigation map, others are sure it is very complex astronomical calendar.

A photo from open sources Nazca Lines Nazca Lines clearly visible from the air, this is really an exciting sight! Giant images of animals, plants, people, complex geometric shapes were created over 2000 years ago by the people Nazca, who lived here in the territory of modern Peru, even before the Incas. The purpose of these lines is still a mystery. Some scholars believe that Nazca communicated with their deities in this way; others tend to to believe that these drawings were created as landing lines for alien ships. Photos from open sources

The Great Pyramids The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built more than 5000 years ago. They show deep respect. ancient Egyptians to their pharaohs and the underworld. For today day pyramids are still poorly understood and are melting in their depths secrets and mysteries that excite our imagination. Photo from open sources Temple complex Gebekli Tepe The archaeological discovery made in 1994 at Gebekli Tepe, countryside in southeastern Turkey caused a lot disputes and disagreements about the evolution of civilization. Some huge stone pillars with scenes from life carved on them animals dates back to the 10th millennium BC Gebekli Tepe It is considered today the oldest temple complex in the world.

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Atlantis Egypt Peru Stonehenge Pyramids

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