70 million years old found in limestone copper “bullets”

Copper found in limestone 70 million years oldA photo from open sources

Sevastopol workers discovered in a limestone quarry metal objects are like bullets. A layer of limestone in which a find has been discovered, dating back to about 70 million years. ABOUT the head of the mysterious find told Rossiyskaya Gazeta Enterprise Inkerstrom Sergey Chumak.

Currently, mining of limestone is carried out underground on a depth of about a hundred meters. A stone block was carved in which workers discovered strange artifacts.

Sergey Chumak said that his company supplies blocks limestone for manufacturers of architectural decor. When workers started to cut another block, we found metal in it. Chumak I am sure that this is clearly a man-made metal product that processed by a person, something like an arrowhead or even a bullet. Other small objects were probably found near the find, probably made of wood. All this was neatly extracted from stone block, and in the future did not dare to touch it.

A photo from open sources Photo: “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”

Items look like bullets, partially flattened and curved like a crescent moon. The appearance of the metal resembles copper. It is seen, that these artifacts “grew” into limestone and were exposed there oxidized, but not found there nowadays under mechanical exposure.

The director of the enterprise said that the age of this limestone 70-80 million years. Over thirty years of limestone mining experience, he I met this for the first time. Usually, when the “dissolution” of blocks came across turritelli (petrified mollusks). Traces were also found. meteorites, but in appearance they look like blotches of rusted metal. The whole “product” of metal was discovered for the first time.

The company intends to attract scientists from Tauric Chersonesos with to determine the origin of the discovered artifacts and figure out how they got into the limestone.

If these are really bullets, then how could they to be in a stone that is more than 70 million years old?

Andrey Vetrov

Time Ancient Artifacts

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