700 Years of Love

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A forgotten chapel in the county of Leicestershire in Britain glorified archaeological site that yielded an unexpected result. Among 11 the bodies found in the clay grave were found the remains of a lover couple holding hands. The man and woman at the time of death were approximately 18-20 years. Since the burial of these people has passed seven centuries. Project Manager from the Archaeological Service University of Leicester, Vicky Score says that joint paired burials have been encountered before. Awesome is the burial place. The pair was not found locally a cemetery near the Hallfton church, and at a considerable distance – near the chapel St. Morrell The chapel was accidentally found by a local historian and team of voluntary researchers. With a certain with certainty it can be argued that the area near the chapel could be a place for special burials. There is data indicating that the church at Hallaton in Leicestershire in the 14th century served as a place of religious pilgrimage. Buried lovers could be dead religious pilgrims. On the other hand, the couple could have been buried just near the chapel due to the fact that the deceased could be sick, committed a crime, or foreigners – the exact reason has not yet been established. Excavations The “lost” church of St. Morrell has been held for 4 years. Found artifacts allow us to conclude that the age of the first buildings discovered during excavations in this area – more 2000 years, they appeared in the Roman era. So, the top of one of the hills occupies a square pit, having features characteristic of Roman temple. Researchers have found a treasure from thousands of different coins and silver artifacts. Among other things was found Roman cavalry helmet. Researchers have dug up walls. chapels and tiled floors. Pieces of stone fell into the hands of archaeologists masonry, plaster, tiles. Coins found among the ruins, including including silver pennies, date back to 12-16 centuries. Radiocarbon analysis of the found 11 skeletons allowed to date their term burial 14 century. To date, the causes of death have been clarified some of the people found. In the skull of one of the men found characteristic wound with an ax, a pose of another, with breastfeeding, characteristic of death from diseases of the abdominal organs cavities. Skeletons lie east-west – exactly so burials are located in the Christian tradition of the time. Find out the lovers found died buried, holding on to hands, or their hands for some reason joined after death, not seems possible.

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