A bottle with a message from of the past

A photo from open sources

Recently, a group of researchers studying microbes, an old bottle was accidentally discovered with a sealed message inside. Researchers have discovered this an amazing find under a pile of stones on the island Ward Hunt, located in the northernmost part of Canada Arctic. As it turned out, in 1959 leave sealed The message was decided by a certain, now deceased, American glaciologist Paul T. Walker. As many as 54 years his note sealed in plastic a bottle of rock samples, lay under a pyramid of the stones he built. In a note, the scientist reported that on July 10 1959, he measured the distance from the edge of the glacier to the pyramid, and it amounted to about 1.2 meters. Walker asked the finder his message is again to measure the distance between the pyramid and the glacier, and also send the received data to him or his colleague Albert Crary, living in Boston. Unfortunately, the author of the letter is already will never be able to receive a reply to his message, since Walker’s last Arctic expedition happened a stroke as a result of which the left side of his body is completely paralyzed. And although the scientist from the Arctic managed to transport with using an airplane, in November of the same 1959 he died in his house parents, barely reaching the age of 25. Center Director northern studies Warwick Vincent who is also one of the researchers who discovered this message said: “We read one of the last words of a scientist who could not know at that time time, the glacier retreats or is approaching. Walker wanted to leave mark to allow other explorers of this region get very important data. “Today, due to melting glacier measured by young scientist distance significantly increased (up to 101.5 meters), Vincent explained. However he emphasized that the message left by Walker has a huge scientific value, as it enables glaciologists to compare the size of the glacier today with those that were 54 years ago, and this quite rare luck.

Arctic Time Stones Pyramids

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