A giant pyramid was discovered in the Pacific the ocean

The giant pyramid was discovered in the Pacific OceanPhoto from open sources

Little-known Argentine virtual archaeologist Marcelo Igazusta claims to have found a huge an ancient pyramid with a diameter of about 13 kilometers. According to thrilled by his find explorer, amazing underwater the construction is located west of Mexico. As soon as the World The web video shown below, web users immediately began to argue what is depicted on it and whether it is necessary worry about this occasion?

According to some commentators, this is a legendary structure the sunken state of Atlantis. Others are convinced that a colossal flying saucer or an alien base. If you believe third, the Argentinean discovered a secret secret world bunker governments where the gray cardinals are going to sit out during global disaster. Finally, skeptics are convinced that this is not man-made object, and a fancy seamount. Marcelo Igazusta tells:

I am inclined to believe that this is an ancient pyramid or giant flying saucer. But even if it’s not, I don’t care probably made a monumental discovery. Just imagine: the pyramid with a diameter of 13 kilometers is the largest on our the planet! And she is right next to Mexico, not far from the pyramids Aztecs and Mayans. But I still believe that neither man nor nature able to create such a massive and, most importantly, too “right” structure.

The pyramid at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean actually looks man-made, it’s just hard to imagine who needs such a whopper and why, even if we take aliens, not to mention world government, which without aliens would hardly be able to build at the bottom of the ocean even something like that …

Mexico Pyramids

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