A grave was discovered in a Spanish monastery Cervantes

In the Spanish monastery discovered the grave of CervantesA photo from open sources In one of the many Madrid monasteries were discovered an amazing find. Archaeologists succeeded stumble upon the lost grave of world famous spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and his beloved wife Catalina The Palacios de Salazar.

Local reporters report that the buried author and his his wife hid the Barefoot Franciscan Monastery. Interesting that Cervantes bequeathed to be buried there, and this fact was widely known, however, the reconstruction of the monastery at the end of the XVII century reliably hid the burial place, and only now its archaeologists again found. At the moment, ten more graves have been found in the same place. According to the researchers, they have little doubt that the famous classic is buried here – the initials on the crypt they say that it is he.

With absolute accuracy, of course, you can’t say Is the author of the novel The Cunning Hidalgo really resting here Don Quixote of La Mancha. “A lot, however, indicates precisely on this. For example, the skeleton has no left arm, just like the skeleton itself Cervantes. According to the official version, she was amputated after a bullet wound in the forearm, but there is also a less popular version that the writer was cut off his hand for theft.

If high-tech analyzes show that archaeologists discovered the remains of the writer, he will be reburied here, however in more accessible to visitors to the monastery.

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