A new find by archaeologists undermines modern look at the origin of man

A new find by archaeologists undermines the modern view of the origin of manA photo from open sources

German archaeologists, according to DW, have discovered in old Rhine riverbed human teeth very similar in their way structure on the jaw of Australopithecus or Ardipithecus. But here’s the thing essence – teeth found several million older than the previous similar finds.

A photo from open sources

Scientists in Germany have already established that the current find is about 10 million years, that is, these teeth are 4 million older than the skeleton Australopithecus Lucy, considered the most ancient ancestor of modern person.

This is an amazing success, archaeologists told reporters, and at the same time the great mystery that turns our an idea of ​​the history of the origin of man. First of all, people as it turned out, much older than previously thought, and secondly, the first of them, it turns out, appeared far from Africa, as It was believed earlier, since Ardipithecus and Australopithecus were found exactly there.

Archaeologists have promised that this week in scientific journals research results based on today’s finds, certain conclusions are made, and then it will become clear, ready whether we accept new about the origin of man or conservative the views of scientists, as is often the case in academia, take up.

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