A new war will unleash Atlantis?

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For centuries, history buffs have been wondering: did Atlantis really exist? What happened to her? Where from appeared and where did its inhabitants disappear? Serious historians usually deny the reality of this mythical continent. But their answers, often paradoxical, clairvoyants, occultists and researchers paranormal.

Firestone in the Temple of Poseidon

Atlantis sank. But perhaps the Atlanteans managed to survive?A photo from open sources

The famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the first to write about Atlantis, says that this land was “on the other side Hercules Pillars (Strait of Gibraltar), in the middle of the ocean. Atlantes were strong and warlike. The invasion of their armies in Europe almost led to her capture. The philosopher writes that the Atlanteans brought upon themselves the wrath of the gods and their continent perished “on one disastrous day and one disastrous night, “plunging into the depths of the sea. It happened it is in IX millennium BC However, from the story of Plato it is not clear what it was the Atlanteans who incurred this anger: to finish their work the philosopher was not allowed death.

Some modern researchers believe that the legends of wise gods-mentors who came from across the sea many nations of the world, are echoes of some information about the Atlanteans who managed to escape from the dying island. These legends unambiguously testify to amazing knowledge and the opportunities possessed by the inhabitants of Atlantis. For example, you can conclude that they have overcome gravity and communicated through telepathy.

The clairvoyant of Atlantis penetrated the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Plunging once into another trance, he saw in the middle of the ocean beautiful city and its inhabitants. Having analyzed the details presented to the mind’s eye, Casey suggested that it was Atlantis. Later, he repeatedly returned to such visions. By he said, atlants for their ritual and worldly purposes used some magic crystals given to them representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Thanks to these crystals among other things, one could develop superpowers in oneself.

Casey managed to make out the main crystal – Tuoy (which in translated from the Atlantean language means “Firestone”), stored in the central hall of the temple of Poseidon. In Tuaoy was a huge force. Thanks to him, the priests of Atlantis could even rule time.

Clairvoyant sure – Atlantis has not died. Her temples after disasters repeatedly rose from the bottom, and soon it again should happen, and now they will forever remain on surface.

Glass house and time traps

Edgar Cayce claimed that the mysterious mainland will rise from the bottom soonA photo from open sources

Casey’s statements found unexpected confirmation in Guy’s work Julius Caesar’s Notes on the Gallic War. It is glorified the commander talks about his meeting with the priest of the druids, who told him some of the legendary history of the Celts. According to priests, Celtic gods built on an island in the middle of the ocean a glass house, and every ship that tried to get close to him disappeared without a trace.

This tradition also existed in the Middle Ages. It is possible that the glass house was an Atlantean temple rising from the bottom, and ships sailing past him failed at another time and stayed there forever. The unknown force that captured ships, the Celts called the “magic web.” Let’s not forget that they were excellent mariners on their way to Scandinavia and Iceland in the north and to the Canary Islands and Brazilian coast in the south. One of the Celtic heroes stayed in a glass house for three days, and when he burst out of there, it turned out that he spent as much as 30 years there!

A truly mystical story echoes this legend, what happened already in our time, in 1993. As reported News weekly while deep-sea submarine 70 meters in the Bermuda Triangle (i.e., where could be Atlantis), the crew for a minute heard for board a strange whistle and hum and felt the vibration. After that for In a matter of seconds, all submariners were surprisingly old, and a submarine surfaced thousands of miles from Bermuda in the Indian Ocean!

Edgar Cayce believes anomalies in the infamous area Bermuda Triangle caused by the action of energy force magic crystals that sank to the bottom with Atlantis. Because of them, an ominous paradox is observed in this area. space-time displacements.

Atlanteans survived?

The Bermuda Triangle area is known for anomalies that are thought to be caused by the action of the magic crystal.A photo from open sources

In 1991, at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, in the very center of Bermuda triangle, a sensational find was made. Found here giant pyramid, three times the size of the pyramid Cheops. Its smooth walls are made of glass-like material. A study of it showed that the pyramid was erected relatively recently – just 50 years ago. And it soon became clear that the pyramids in this area is at least three.

According to some assumptions, to erect such structures It was possible only with the help of magic crystals. Probably, some Atlanteans still survived in a monstrous disaster, that destroyed their continent, and found refuge in the dungeons under the bottom Atlantic. All past centuries, this small underground colony hatched plans for the revival of Atlantis. Occultists believe that “underground” Atlanteans this could well happen if they are use the Firestone – Crystal Tuaoy.

Small crystals have not so much power, and, applying them, the Atlanteans are unlikely to be able to compete with modern civilization, however, they still remain superhumans. Not it is even impossible that certain representatives of this people, having strong psychic abilities already embedded in the human community.

The planet faces a shift in time

Nicholas Roerich.A photo from open sources

Glass house that Celtic once saw in the ocean sailors, went under water. Perhaps the Atlanteans who built it decided then, that time has not yet come. And now the glass houses again rise from the bottom. Most occultists are sure that this a sure sign of an impending disaster being prepared for the planet priests of Atlantis. Magical crystals have accumulated over the past centuries a sufficiently large charge of cosmic energy and soon show the world a terrible destructive power. Probably, the atlantes will repeat their long-standing displacement experiment space-time continuum of the planet that once ended in failure for themselves and for their continent. But to this since experimenters will try to prevent previous mistakes.

The goal of the Atlanteans is world domination. Moving a planet to another space-time will cause a cataclysm that will destroy technological power of modern civilization and bring down survivors remnants of the human race to a half-wild state. Then Atlantis and show who the true owners of the planet!

Casey and other clairvoyants have repeatedly argued that in the very near future Atlantis rises from the bottom. Perhaps glass pyramids Bermuda Triangle – this is the very “rising Atlantis. “Shambhala – Tibetan Atlantis

Eastern traditions suggest that some the most wise and righteous Atlanteans after the death of their continent found refuge in Tibet, where they founded Shambhala and also built giant pyramids. Each of these pyramids is crowned with a magical a crystal saved in that old catastrophe. Researchers think that crystals, being at the tops of the pyramids, are still serve as receivers of cosmic energy for the homes of Shambhala.

It is believed that resist the sinister designs of the “underground” Atlanteans are only capable of Atlantes, who settled in Tibet. The righteous of Shambhala are surely aware of the plans of their Atlantic relatives and, also having some amount of magic crystals, try to do something in response. Much depends on whose hands are the firestone. According to the American clairvoyant Michael Gordon Scallion, made by him in 2001, the main the Atlantes crystal is not in the Atlantic, but in Tibet. But most small crystals remain in the former Atlantis, and their the combined power is extremely great. So without a decisive battle for Earth will not do. Perhaps this battle has already begun.


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