A popular board game of Ancient Egypt, may have been a channel of communication with the afterlife

The popular board game of Ancient Egypt may have been a channel of communication with the afterlifeA photo from open sources

In ancient Egypt, there was a fairly popular board game. “Senet” (in translation – “game of death”), something similar to modern backgammon. She is known to scientists because on many ancient frescoes, for example, adorned the tombs of the pharaohs, portrayed playing in “Senet” the Egyptians.

Egyptologists suggest that this board game was widely distributed in ancient Egypt another 5 thousand years ago, and at the turn of 3 thousand years ago, the Egyptians used it everywhere, oh as evidenced by many archaeological finds.

Not so long ago, a group of archaeologists led by Walter Krist (Maastricht University in the Netherlands) discovered in United States Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum one of the earliest variations of the game “Senet” and based on it was able to restore the rules and the purpose of this board “fun” of the ancient Egyptians.

A photo from open sources

Quite possibly, scientists write, this board game was It’s not intended for pastime like today’s backgammon or checkers, but was used to communicate with the world of the dead. It’s like modern spiritualistic sessions and special boards for of this, only the ancient Egyptians most likely did not cause souls dead and did not ask them questions, but in this way they built spiritual connection that helped them better understand what was happening in this world. Senet was simultaneously a game, a channel with a subtle world and educational tool.

But gradually, as Dutch scientists say, this “spiritual practice “is becoming too popular, that is, losing its basic esoteric functions, turning simply into a desktop entertainment. All this makes her something trifling, but because approximately at the turn of the 5th century BC, the Senet emerges from fashion and is gradually forgotten how even earlier its true was forgotten (deep) name – “game of death” …


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