A schoolboy, without leaving home, discovered Mayan Lost City

A schoolboy, without leaving home, discovered the lost Mayan cityA photo from open sources

Fifteen-year-old William Gadory residing in a Canadian city Saint-Jean-de-Mate, since 2012 studying Mesoamerican civilization Maya, known for its astronomical and mathematical research, unique architecture, writing and art. According to the student, most of all in the life of his Indians it is striking that their whole life and beliefs were due to the stars and space.

The young Canadian has repeatedly wondered why Maya is rarely built cities in places most conducive to life, for example, near fresh water. Representatives instead ancient civilization, as a rule, for some reason built points on the slopes of the mountains and in the inaccessible jungle. In the past year Gadory got an insight: what if the Indians chose places for the construction of their cities in accordance with the situation in the sky stars?

A photo from open sources

The error of Maya or modern scholars?

To test his theory, William made his own map. all Mayan settlements on the planet and compared it with a map of constellations. On the it took almost a year for a teenager. Schoolboy imposed a hundred seventeen ancient cities on the scheme of twenty-three constellations. It turned out that he was right – the Indian cities are clearly located under the brightest stars in the sky! However, the Canadian faced last month with a small snag. Under one of large luminaries to which the Mayan people simply could not give due importance, no city, according to the official there was no information. Is it so advanced for its time civilization made a mistake or did not have time to finish its grandiose project for the worship of cosmic forces?

Gadory discovered Google’s satellite maps and found a place on them, where was the next lost Indian city supposed to be. The resolution of images of the wilderness turned out to be extremely low, however, the student still noticed in the dense jungle of the Central America is a kind of square. Obviously commit to there the teenager could not travel. Without thinking twice, he turned for help to the Canadian space agency, and experts are kindly provided the young compatriot with photographs of interest to him terrain made by american and japanese satellites. Quality images turned out to be significantly higher compared to public Google maps, and William immediately saw that in impenetrable forest is an unknown settlement Mayan.

City of Fire Maw

Later Mexican experts made a flight there to helicopter. It turned out that in the jungle was hiding one of the largest Native American cities with over three dozen buildings, including Four unique pyramids. Minor Discoverer by Gadory was honored to give the find a name, and Gadory called the ancient K’aak Chi settlement, which is translated into Russian as “fiery fall “.

A photo from open sources

So an ordinary Canadian student, without leaving home, made a significant discovery that all were not capable of scientists of the planet. According to the teenager, he was immensely happy to do a feasible contribution to the scientific field that interests him so much.

Life Pyramids Mayan Civilization

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