A scientist about giants who once lived on our planet

A scientist about the giants who once lived on our planetA photo from open sources

Independent scientist Steve Quayle has been involved for many years. a rather sensitive topic for the researcher: looking for traces and evidence of the existence of giants on our planet. And on the other day he posted a long-promised video that serves more than convincing evidence of how tall people once roamed our planet.

A photo from open sources

The video, we note, does not even require any explanation, clearly and so, that we have a trace of a fossil humanoid, and it’s so it is huge that it is not difficult to imagine its owner in the form fantastic giant. At the same time, the scientist explains that this real trace of our huge ancestor. The case of finding such Trace is very rare and therefore kept Steve Quayle in great secret from academic science, which is not willing to share information about Giants living in antiquity. Like their environment, which should was as great for example trees in several kilometers tall, animals are no less than huge dinosaurs and so Further.

Why on the Internet, immediately wonders Steve Ouyal, so many materials (obviously fake) about giant footprints and even the bones of ancient people? Is all this done just for the sake of some fun pranksters? I think the point is completely different: someone really wants to discredit such frivolous materials the very idea of ​​the existence of giants. The fact is that everything these numerous photos and views on the World Wide Web are on verification processed in photo or video editors. Turns out that purposeful hoax, crude and obviously fake, on the Web want to convince the general public that there are no such giants it wasn’t, but all these are fantasies taken from fairy tales and legends. But even fairy tales and legends are not written from scratch …

And on July 10 of this year, Steve Quayle pleased supporters the theory of giants by video material (see below), which convincingly proves that giant people really once wandered around our planet, and this is far from fiction. This fantastic idea confirmed not only by such archaeological finds, to unfortunately carefully concealed or even destroyed academic science (it is believed that in America in the XIX -XX centuries were found and destroyed thousands of skeletal remains of giants), but also other facts.

Other evidence that everything was ancient on Earth big

There wasn’t such atmospheric pressure on Earth in the past, like now. It was the change in pressure that led to the fact that more large animals and plants became extinct, and they were replaced modern (artificially changing pressure, for example, are grown bonsai bonsai that may serve as an indirect proof of the above statement).

In amber, which stores not only the petrified resin itself ancient trees, but also air bubbles, the pressure of which completely different than the current one. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that in ancient times and trees were giants, demonstrating kilometer heights, and animals on the planet, including humanlike, achieved the growth of true fabulous giants.

Unfortunately, this does not fit into the generally accepted theory Darwin on the origin of man and evolution on Earth as a whole, and because the remains and traces of giants were destroyed and will be destroyed henceforth, says Steve Ouyal. Dinosaurs are another matter, although they most likely lived with ancient people and were for the latter as big and dangerous as lizards for us …

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