A unique find off the coast of Fanagoria

A unique find off the coast of FanagoriaA photo from open sources Recently, archaeologists made the largest the last find – in the coastal part of Fanagoria – itself large ancient Greek settlement of Russia – a ship was discovered. According to experts, this is a trading sailing ship of the Byzantines. And his approximate age is estimated at a thousand years.

At the moment, the sailboat is still under water, as long as it is impossible to lift it because of the high risk of damage to the fragile wooden ship. Archaeologists say that it has become real a godsend for them. They conduct work in the ancient water area Fanagoria all day, trying not to miss a single the details.

The fact that a whole ship is discovered is confirmed by its size, reaching fifteen meters in length and three in width. At this the moment historians study its contents: an amphora, a jug and fragments ceramics. And the subject of special pride of archaeologists is the red basin, and more precisely what was in it – parts of the ship that are not had to be torn off, as over time they broke away from general design. Someone will see in them only ordinary bars, but for scientists are parts of history to which they are reverent, storing them under a special film to prevent damage, and open only for a few seconds.

A photo from open sources

Before diving, the water was purified in a special way so that provide good visibility. Archaeologists have specified that wooden parts of the ancient ship are in good condition, even though that he is at least a thousand years old. According to the head expedition of the doctor of historical sciences Vladimir Kuznetsov, there was a whole amphora was discovered, which allowed us to make an assumption, that this is a Byzantine ship. Only after studying constructive features of the ship, you can understand how it was made, and perhaps analogies will be discovered that allow more accurate determine his age.

A photo from open sources

On some frames of the sailboat, charred parts were found, which suggested that before sinking, the sailboat burned while in the harbor of Fanagoria. Also in the holds was not no cargo was found, apparently, they managed to remove it before fire or raised before the ship was completely sunk. IN At the moment, historians are faced with only one important question – accurately determine the age of the vessel, since now there is only assumptions. All calculations and measurement data will be sent to examination, and not only in the laboratory of Russia, but also in some overseas.

Archaeologists are sure that the discovered ship will turn into the most the main exhibit of the Fanagoria, although it is not yet clear when this will happen. To lift and restore the sailboat will need a large number time and money. However, some fragments of a unique find will appear in the local science and museum complex in a half to two of the year.

A photo from open sources

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