A visit to the Egyptian pyramids is tedious and even a dangerous occupation

Visiting the Egyptian pyramids is a tedious and even dangerous activityA photo from open sources

The pyramids of Giza in the suburbs of the Egyptian capital are considered one of the greatest miracles of antiquity. Even if you have never visited these Egypt’s legendary sights then you are sure thought about how to do this. However, it seems that plans or dreams about having fun here completely divorced from reality.

Employees of the large international publication “Business Insider” recently decided to reveal to their readers the secret why visiting of these ancient monuments is a stupid undertaking. According to reporters, it’s not only boring, but also painful and quite a dangerous occupation that not everyone will like us. In proof of their words, newspaper men cite several convincing arguments.

A photo from open sources

To begin with, it is worth noting that it is elementary expensive. To to visit one Egyptian attraction, you have to buy ticket price from 10 to 20 dollars. Thus, if you wish to visit all the pyramids of Giza, you have to decently fork out. At the same time, there’s nothing special to look inside: any artifacts have long been either stolen or placed in museums. But not that – The main problem for most travelers.

Few seriously realize that the pyramids are not buildings in the usual sense for us, but special tombs serving exclusively for the storage of mummies and protection wealth of the pharaohs. They are not intended to be visited at all. by anyone, therefore, about comfortable stairs and spacious corridors out of the question.

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For example, to get into the main chamber of the Cheops Pyramid, it is necessary to overcome a very long, narrow and low passage. Of course, others can always crawl towards you. tourists, so such adventures are definitely not suitable for people suffering from fear of confined and cramped spaces.

Even if the weather is cold outside, inside any pyramid always hot and incredibly stuffy. Although the ancients the Egyptians supplied the tombs with primitive ducts, oxygen very little comes here and some tourists begin to choke or lose consciousness.

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Finally, inside any pyramid is a lot of mold, and the air it saturated is simply disgusting. Visitors to the tombs have to breathe through handkerchiefs and scarves. And not all understand that these fungi breed here since ancient times, posing a great danger to human health.

There is a popular hypothesis that the so-called “curse Pharaohs, “who destroyed many archaeologists and tomb raiders, caused by the local mold, and not some mystical the machinations of the rulers of ancient Egypt buried here. It is assumed that, getting into the respiratory tract of a person, she causes significant damage to the body and may even lead to of death.

A photo from open sources

Therefore, with the famous pyramids of Giza is better (and simpler, and much safer) to get acquainted through the Internet, especially since all kinds of materials, including video, about these ancient structures are very a lot, from them you can get information and even unforgettable the impressions are much greater than with a real visit to these tombs …

Egypt Pyramids

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