Aborigines of the underwater depths

In the first half of the 20th century, the American writer Howard Lovecraft described in his works a race of intelligent amphibians combining traits of humanoids, fish and frogs. “Deep”, according to Lovecraft, live in underwater cities, have their own science and technology. Sometimes they enter into relationships with people: they drive fish, bring gold from the bottom of the sea and even produce the common progeny. Natives of the underwater depthsA photo from open sources It would seem nothing special – ordinary fiction in the fantasy genre. However a few decades later, events took place that forced a different way take a look at this story. Ghosts of the Ocean At the end of the 60s last century in various parts of the North Atlantic sonar Soviet boats began to fix the mysterious low-frequency sounds unknown nature. Sound sources actively maneuvered in close to submarines, often showing unprecedented speed in those days. For the most part sounds like frogs croaking, that’s why witty sailors called them Quakers. They appeared when submarines passed through certain areas, accompanied our ships for some time, after which they disappeared without a trace. By 1975, this phenomenon began become massive and seriously worried about higher command of the Soviet Navy. It came to the Minister of Defense of the USSR �Marshal Grechko. It was decided to organize a research Quaker program. When the fleet reconnaissance created a special group. Her tasks included the study, systematization and analysis of unexplained phenomena in the oceans that could be dangerous our ships. The activities of the group continued until 1980. years, after which the program was suddenly curtailed, and all collected materials are classified. QUAKER PROGRAM Apparently, the naval leadership concluded that the Quakers did not are part of the US ship direction finding system as previously assumed, and do not pose a threat to our ships. The staff of the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of the Seas, which along with military experts participated in this program, believe that Quakers are living things with a high level of intelligence. A photo from open sources In some cases, eyewitnesses the impression that the underwater inhabitants are trying to make contact with crew of boats. Circling around ships, changing frequency and tonality signals, they seemed to be inviting our submariners to dialogue. It is clear that in the conditions of a military campaign in the midst of the cold war commander of the Soviet nuclear ship was not up to the establishment contacts it is not clear with whom. The conclusion that the Quakers is unknown modern science kind of living things, could serve as an additional argument to minimize the program. Ichthyological studies do not included in the range of tasks of the Navy. Further studies of the nature of these creatures inevitably assumed widespread involvement of specialists from civilian research structures. For the naval departments in the cold war it was at least burdensome. It’s much easier to get rid of the problem by burying it. under the stamp of secrecy. HOUSE OF KTULHU Not only with us, but also for Abroad, they preoccupied with the problem of mysterious sounds. In March 1966 in the USA, tests of long-distance underwater communications were conducted. A kilometer antenna was laid along the continental shelf. IN the sea left the ship, equipped with underwater locators. About further events told one of the participants in the experiment, Colonel Alex Sanders: “It looked like someone down there was accepting our signal, imitated it in order to attract our attention, and then began to transmit his message on the same wave. ” The signal was located at a depth of 8,000 meters. It was decided stop the experiment, recognizing it as “unsuccessful.” Afterwards military oceanologists actively explored the bottom in that area Atlantic Ocean, where the source was supposedly located mysterious impulses. Nothing about the results of these works it is known. To study the phenomenon of underwater signals was used American sonar tracking system which blocked part of the Pacific Ocean and the entire Atlantic. Managed establish that “broadcasting” of unknown sources is spreading almost all over the ocean. Sensors located in various parts of the planet, low-frequency waves were recorded, resembling the sounds of working equipment, and several are highlighted varieties of signals, each of which had its own characteristic features. In the summer of 1997, the National Agency for Problems US ocean and atmosphere several times anomalous low-frequency sound, more like a howl or howl. The experts concluded that he belonged to a living creature of gigantic proportions or a group of creatures that published it at the same time. A photo from open sources the great thing is that the location the sound source was not far from the place where Lovecraft located the underwater city of R’liech. In this city in the middle of the Pacific the giant creature Cthulhu sleeping in the ocean, combining features octopus, dragon and man. This creature belongs to the race. Great Ancients who hide in the depths of the seas or deep beneath ground. UNDERWATER MIND The area of ​​the oceans is 71% of the Earth’s surface. Who knows what bizarre forms could to accept intelligent life, formed in its very depths. Perhaps the underwater creatures were even ahead of us. Recall рассказ вавилонского историка и жреца Беросса: Фотоfrom open sources “In the first year appeared from the Red Sea, in that place near Babylonia, a terrible creature named Oan, his body was all fish, and from under his head, from under his fish’s head, another head grew and in the same way human legs grew next to the fish tail. His voice was human. Image of it and now still saved. This creature is days spent among people, not taking any food, and taught people literacy, and mathematics, and mastery of various kinds of arts, taught live in cities, found temples, set laws, and geometries taught, and showed how to collect grain and fruits, and generally taught everything related to cultural life. Nothing since was no longer invented. With the sunset, the creature dived back into the sea and nights spent in the abyss. Because it was amphibian. Other creatures like this later appeared about which is told in the royal records. Ohan wrote a story about creation and government and passed it on to people. “How it says: a fairy tale is a lie, but a hint in it. Alexei KOMOGORETSEV

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