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If historical science recognizes the discovery of a Bosnian from the USA Semir Osmanagich, the highest on the planet will be considered recently open 220-meter pyramid overhanging the Bosnian town High. Photo from open source – Well, take a look, – Professor Senad Godovich, Director of the Museum of Local Lore, brought me out of his a cozy office – is it true that the Vysochitsa is not like other mountains? Facets even, ribs almost perfectly straight. I was in no hurry to agree with enthusiast. Then he dragged me to the museum hall and pointed to Panoramic photo of the city, taken in 1931. – See, at that High time was not covered with forest, as it is now, and ribs viewed more clearly. Well, now there is no doubt that is it a pyramid? Admittedly, doubts still remained. Who traveled along the Nile Valley, agree: among the Arabian mountains a lot of pointed, with smooth edges – that’s what I want to say “structures”, and they are probably more like pyramids than Bosnian wonder. However, Semir Osmanagich thinks differently. Once NASA’s Houston buddy showed Semir space snapshot of central Bosnia – it’s nice to look at the homeland from unreachable heights. Bosnian looked around for a long time the town of Zenica, where he was born and lived until the collapse of Yugoslavia. And suddenly dumbfounded: three mountains near the neighboring town High in plan – regular squares and have distinct diagonals, intersecting at right angles. Behind the Economist and Political Scientist Osmanagicha for many years of independent research Mayan Pyramids and seven published books, dedicated to the most ancient civilizations of the Earth. His conviction is that before us the planet was inhabited by highly developed beings who knew and those who knew much more than we seem to have received a new powerful reinforcement. A photo from open sources In 2005, the adventurer set about independent excavations in the homeland. Have not even been found sandstone blocks with traces of manual processing, not yet excavated underground tunnels that look very much like tunnels, and throughout Bosnia sensational news spread: the town Highly nestled to huge pyramid. In the summer of 2006, Semir returned to the interrupted dig well armed: sponsorship money allowed to hire workers, bring machinery and vehicles to the site of the western slope High school he launched an exhibition representing the first achievements: dug blocks supposedly made artificially, photographs paved paths lying under the earthen cover of the mountain. Appeared and first like-minded people. Geophysicist from Nevada Amer Smailbegovich claims that when shining through the mountains, radars showed up labyrinths whose total length is close to four kilometers. Guess Bosnian confirmed about the artificial origin of the High scientists – archaeologist Sylvanas Chobanov, geologist Nadzhiya Nukich, historian Muamer Shekhovich. Geologist specially invited to excavations from Cairo Abdullah Berokyat confirmed that sandstone blocks keep traces reasonable activity: traces are visible on the surface of the lower blocks moving the top. Osmanagich’s conviction of what he did the discovery got stronger when Dr. Johann Muller from German National Institute of Prehistory, four years research in High, concluded that human civilization in these ancient places in the Balkans totals, according to at least 7 thousand years old. A good figure when you consider that age Osmanagich estimates the pyramid he discovered at 10-20 thousand years. By Professor Godovich believes that Semir counted 11 arguments in favor of the fact that Mount Vysochitsa is indeed a pyramid. One of the strongest – the result of thermal studies of the area, commissioned by Osmanagich on the Japanese satellite Terra. Allegedly, it was found that during the night time The tall tower cools faster than the neighboring mountains. Accordingly, and heats up faster during the day. This is supposedly due to the fact that the man-made mountain is composed of dissimilar stones, and neighboring mountains – from monolithic rock. Extracted from under the soil layer Sandstone blocks differ in composition from similar ones stones taken from neighboring mountains: gradual deposition is noticeable in those rocks, and the block that served as building material, as if made artificially. Hydrological studies show that rain water flows evenly along various faces of the discovered pyramid, while from neighboring mountains – along curved channels spontaneously emerging streams. True, another argument with the professorial respectability outlined by Osmanagic to tourists, without end coming to Vysochitsa, I personally only aroused a smile: – I asked the soldiers of the Bosnian army who fought here in 1992-1995 years. The vibration of this mountain after artillery volleys is strong differed from the vibrations of neighboring mountains. The final opinion expressed me professor Godovich, his Odessa dialectic only reinforces doubts: – Is there a pyramid inside the Vysochitsa? there – in any case, for the Bosnian people this is a most valuable find. One cannot disagree with this statement. Ether of all The TV channels of Bosnia and Herzegovina is filled with Osmanagic. This charming macho in texas sombrero smiles from leading pages newspapers of the young state, from the covers of early books with which shop windows in Sarajevo are set. At one point High transformed from spider web outback to seething ideas Vasyuki: endless string stretching to the medieval capital Bosnia “Opel” and “Volkswagen” lungs on the rise of the Germans. Souvenir benches are filled with watches, on the dials of which a “pyramid shines” Of the Sun “(the adventurous discoverer hastened to name his brainchild by analogy with the stepped Mexican pyramid). Keychains for keys and lighters, clay piggy banks and bottles of plum brandy – all in the town of Vysoko, it was enriched with the brand of the “Bosan pyramid of Sunza”. Unemployed became traders, beggar boys became guides, grannies selling vegetables – guides. As they say in such cases, even if the pyramid of the sun did not exist, it should to invent. Moreover, this is not the first successful example of creating in Bosnia places of mass pilgrimage. Kilometers a hundred south near the town Medzhigorye flourishes a valley in which in 1983 six children as if the radiant figure of the Mother of God appeared. Children grew up long ago but continue to give valuable testimony. In the valley built a colossal statue of the Virgin Mary, to which signs from all roads of the country. Tourism and related income received in war-torn country a powerful impetus. But it looks like eyewitnesses visit of the Virgin – just pathetic amateurs in comparison with researcher of ancient civilizations. Semir Osmanagich not rests on its laurels: next to the pyramid of the Sun, they delight eye right geometry two more mountains are clearly not natural origin – the pyramid of the moon and the pyramid of the dragon. Total on space photograph of native Bosnia, an observant resident of Houston spotted nine pyramids. Therefore, for the future of the tourism business is problematic Balkan country need not worry. Daniel Countryman

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