About the Ural samples of the ancients nanotechnology

On the Ural samples of ancient nanotechnologyA photo from open sources

Inappropriate artifacts are called objects that represent paleontological, archaeological or historical interest, with this found in seemingly incredible places or possessing amazing characteristics, inappropriate technological capabilities of extinct civilizations.

So, twenty-four years ago in the Urals, near the Narada and Leather, mysterious objects were found, reminiscent of their appearance. twisted cords. Tiny artifacts made scientists to perplex, while discussions about their true purpose are still underway. The hypothesis was put forward that order three hundred thousand years ago, knowledge of primitive nanotechnology.

Miniature curls discovered during geological studies accompanying gold mining in the Ural Mountains. Found artifacts are rods, spirals and other microscopic elements. Russian scientists analyzed composition of objects and concluded that large fragments made of copper, while for casting small parts used tungsten and molybdenum. It was reported that most of them They were made in compliance with the so-called golden proportions.

The shape of the finds suggests that in natural nature they could not appear, from which it follows that they were made manually. Moreover, they very accurately repeat the components nanotechnology of our time. Mysterious artifacts discovered on a depth of twelve meters in geological formations of age from twenty to three hundred eighteen thousand years. Of course, at that time man did not have the technology to produce such objects. Some researches are convinced that artifacts have alien origin.

Time Ancient Nanotechnology Artifacts

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