Abydos hieroglyphs. Helicopters of the Ancients egyptians

Abydos has long been considered the main city of the cult of Osiris. The Egyptians believed that there was the grave of Osiris – one of the most revered gods of ancient Egypt. However central the attraction of this city is considered to be the temple of the pharaoh Сети I (ок. 1291-1279 гг. до н.э.), сына Рамзеса I. Abydos hieroglyphs. Helicopters of the ancient EgyptiansPhotos from open sources IN прочем, красота красотой, ноattention of numerous researchers, and first of all Egyptologists, it was not the temple that attracted it at all, but something else – hidden in the depths of the room are quite plain-looking hieroglyphs. The thing is, that on one of the beams of the temple, scientists back in the XIX century. discovered strange inscriptions which they were not able to decipher then. And with the onset the new century, Egyptologists have a different look at the mysterious hieroglyphs. And then gasped. On ancient stones were knocked out images … of modern military equipment: helicopters, airplanes and tanks! The ancient Egyptians possessed technology XXI century!

Abydos HieroglyphsPhoto from открытых источниковAbidos hieroglyphs Sensational shots of Abydos hieroglyphs were posted on the Internet by an international consultant Ufological network Ruth Hover in 1997. However, Hover immediately stated that photographing hieroglyphs was very problematic, since the stone with the symbols embossed on it was at a height about 8 meters, and in general she lost the negatives and prove the authenticity of the photographs cannot. All this, of course, caused a flurry critics, that is, a completely healthy reaction to such sensations, with side of the skeptics. They began to talk about a fake … Save The ufologist’s colleague was decided by the writer Alan F. Elford, the author of the book “Gods” the new millennium. “In June 1997, he and his wife visited the temple of Seti I and personally photographed the hieroglyphs. There could be no doubt: a combination of blades, tail, cockpit – a helicopter; caterpillar, gun turret – tank; fodder plumage, streamlined hull – an airplane or even a submarine (opinions were divided). Helicopter, tank and submarine of the ancient EgyptiansФото изopen source Helicopter, tank and ancient submarine Egyptians Conclusion – the ancient Egyptians flew helicopters and drove on the tanks! This is a sensation … Ancient inhabitants would have been surprised Egypt, if, of course, they knew that they possessed such technologies. They immediately remembered the aliens, and UFOs, and highly developed civilizations. In a word, a complete set. Abydos hieroglyphs have become perhaps the most weighty “proof” of the theory of paleocontact – visit hypotheses Earth in ancient times by intelligent creatures of extraterrestrial origin. However, Egyptologists, such as, for example, Catherine Griffis Greenberg of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, called what we take for a helicopter, a tank and a submarine (plane), palimsestom – in a broad sense parchment, from which it was deleted written in order to use it again. AND explain why this is so, and not otherwise. The fact is that the son of Pharaoh Seti I Ramses II slightly “corrected” the text of the inscriptions in the temple (quite common practice for those times, nothing surprising) and on top of his father’s royal title (“who repelled nine enemies Of Egypt “) wrote his own name and title (” who defends Egypt and conquers foreign countries “). But why in this case, the hieroglyphs became so suspiciously like images of a modern military technicians? It is human nature to wishful thinking. Stucco, which was used to cover the hollowed out earlier on a stone beam of hieroglyphs of Set I, it disappeared over time. Вas a result, today we see only an overlay of some hieroglyphics to others. The diagram clearly shows how exactly Images overlapped each other. Network I CharactersPhoto from open sources Hieroglyphs Сети I Hieroglyphs of Ramses IIPhotos from open sources Иероглифы Рамзеса II Layering of hieroglyphs of Set I and Ramses IIФото из открытыхsources Layering of hieroglyphs of Set I and Ramses II But what about to be with tail and keel? “Airplane” is not that other than … arm bent at the elbow. Egyptologists with this hieroglyph familiar for a long time, and it means “give”, “give”, etc. Here it is.Photos from open sources “aircraft” Concluding our short story about “high technology” ancient Egypt, one cannot help but recall yet another “sensational image “found on an Egyptian fresco (oh, these Egyptians!). The supporters of the theory of paleocontact, and here managed to make out aliens from outer space. Abydos hieroglyphs.  Helicopters of the Ancients egyptiansPhoto from open sources “Alien” on one of Egyptian frescoes Impressive, isn’t it? However, what we we take for the drawing of a humanoid, – no more than self-deception. Snapshot a little darkened, but a closer look reveals that the fresco depicts not an alien at all, but the most ordinary vase. Alien VaseФото из открытых источниковAlien Vase Yes, and could not be in ancient Egypt no aliens, aircraft, submarines and tanks, for the simple reason that any mention we would definitely meet about such a technique in Egyptian texts. But Abydos hieroglyphs are unique, exist in one single copy. That’s why the story is that “scribes, copying the hieroglyphs of the temple from ancient sources, absolutely not understood their meaning, “finds a logical explanation. Incomprehensible hieroglyphs were created by chance, by imposing some characters to others. And how can you imagine such a thing neighborhood: the Egyptians manually build the pyramids, are engaged irrigation farming, but at the same time flying on airplanes and helicopters, traveling in Egypt along the tank and floating on submarine on the Nile? And where was the fuel and metal? Obviously in the same place where alien hunters and “sensations” take forgotten civilizations of the past – from the finger. Egypt Time Pyramids Aircraft Pharaohs

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