Agogwe: The Secret of African Shaggy dwarfs

Africa is a land of secrets and mysteries. Hidden in her jungle abandoned, once prosperous cities. Here you can meet samples of flora and fauna from the early geological eras. A the most bizarre tribes in the world still live in Africa, for example agogwe – furry humanoid creatures. True, There is no official information about them. Red-haired dwarfs if to believe in legends, you can meet agogwe in the forests of Ussur and Simbit, located in the western part of the Wimbar Plain. Eyewitnesses report creatures similar to pygmies, but their body is completely covered with reddish hair. Despite the fact that the growth of agogwe is not exceeds 120 centimeters, local residents never confuse them with monkeys. Agogwe are erect and live with their offspring in the jungle. Agogwe: The Secret of African Shaggy DwarfsPhotos from open sources These creatures caught my eye and Europeans. One of them was a well-known cryptozoologist researcher. William Hitchens, who noted that for Aboriginal people meeting with forest residents are considered a bad omen. According to legend, see these small, wooly creatures can only be once in a lifetime. A if they visit a village, then black times await it, for example, livestock epidemic or death. Shaggy cannibals and vegetarians Evidence of various wild tribes comes from East Africa, in particular from Tanzania and Mozambique. But they call their everywhere is different. So the people of Congo call them kakundakari and quilomba. They also walk on two legs, covered in hair and live in forest, but their growth is much higher than that of agogwe (about 168 centimeters). In the middle of the last century, Charles Cordier, professional animal hunter, tried repeatedly to trace where the kakundakari discovered by him in Zaire are hiding. But attempts were unsuccessful because of the agility of the forest man. By Cordier said kakundakari fell into one of the bird traps, but did not stay inactive, but “quickly rolled over, sat down, took off a noose off his feet, rose and disappeared before an African standing nearby managed to do something. “Ardipithecus is an ancient genus of hominids, who lived in the early Pliocene about 5.8-4.4 million years ago. Researchers claim that they are very similar to agogwe. Photos from open sources Many zoologists are convinced that in Africa and to this day live a few relics of the ancient fauna. Many Native Africans believe hybrids human and chimpanzee. Observations show that these creatures feed on animals, know how to arrange networks in a special way, woven from herbs, hollow out primitive little vessels for river crossings … They carry small bags from animal skins. They are credited with rare bloodthirstiness. Natives sure that their furry neighbors are cannibals, moreover, a treat for they are both human and meat of fallen tribesmen. Not having the ability to preserve meat, they eat their victims in parts, leaving them alive. First chop off the leg and with her appetite absorb the hand the next day, and so on … However, they don’t disdain and corpses. Residents of eastern and southeastern Africa claim that there are creatures of ordinary growth, sometimes covered with hair and sometimes not. The local name is their nounounder. Forehead these creatures are a little beveled, and the arms are very long, which gives them some similarities with monkeys. Meet the noununder basically in Zaire and Kenya. They also live in thickets of forests or impassable tropics of the highlands. Eat mainly plant food and do not attack a person. Sometimes they were noticed with long with sticks in the hands with which the nounounder is likely to defend from predators. According to scientists, these evil creatures lived once in the savannah, but then were driven out from there by a man in jungle. Australopithecus is alive! Cryptozoologists do not deny that some species of ancient humanoid apes, or hominids, could well survive in secluded corners of the planet. Someone sees in Australopithecus forest people, someone is trying to connect them with Neanderthals … Each hypothesis has both pros and cons. For example, genetics have come to the conclusion that viable offspring the crossing of Neanderthals with people of the modern type does not give could. And the level of culture among the Neanderthals was still higher than described African hominids. Photos from open sources So, Neanderthals buried their dead, filling the grave with flowers, which may indicate the rudimentary forms of religion … if hairy people are their descendants, then we have a vivid example of degradation. Primitive agogwe lifestyle and their “relatives” remind how Australopithecus and Homo erectus. But the latter lived respectively 900,000 and 400,000 years ago. Agogwe Tales spread over more than 1000 kilometers: from southwestern Kenya to Tanganyika and further to Mozambique … Science Society of East Africa and Uganda reported that the mountains of the Kwa Ngomye region are inhabited by buffalo, wild pigs and little red people. Your feed base strange creatures courageously defend, usually throwing Uninvited guests hail stones. Locals not only distinguish strange neighbors from monkeys, but also stop white hunters, when they try to shoot suspicious gnomes. Natives tell semi-fantastic stories about how representatives Agogwe take food and beer from people, and come to work at night duty weeding the beds. They also talk about cases of captivity. “gnomes”. One such story tells of a shepherd who searching for a stray sheep, he wandered in the mountains until he came across a bloody track. Suddenly he was surrounded by strange little creatures, growing below the pygmies. They did not have tails, but they rather resembled monkeys than people. The skin of the creatures was pale, like the belly of a lizard, but the face and body were covered with long black hair. Using his spears shepherd got out of the environment. The little men described are very reminiscent of Australopithecus, whose petrified remains were found in Kalahari. African pygmies were once considered fiction. Photos from open sources Australopithecus went only on two legs and had almost human body proportions. Even by they were closer to the human brain than to the monkeys. So u adult Australopithecus brain volume was 500-600 cubic centimeters – almost twice as much as chimpanzees, and no less than the gorilla! At the same time, Australopithecus was much smaller than such monkeys. Their growth on average did not exceed 120 centimeters, and weight – 40-50 kilograms. Some experts even suggest that Australopithecus owned the speech and knew how to use fire. However, there is no evidence for this. Maybe rumors of forest people owe its origin is precisely the tribe of Australopithecus, who survived in the wilderness of virgin forests? Persecuted by their stronger and more developed “relatives” – primitive people, they could take refuge in impassable forest more often or on deserted peaks of mountains … Annually research enthusiasts discover new species of animals, to recently considered mythical. Once attributed to them platypus, large panda and okapi. It has long been clear that predecessors of modern man are not always consistent succeeded each other on the tree of evolution: they could live in the same era next door to each other and probably even “supported relationship. “So why not assume that there, in the vast the most mysterious continent of the earth, roam our distant relatives? Elena GIMADIEVA

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