Agricultural technology Mayan civilization influenced the environment

The agricultural technologies of the Mayan civilization have influenced the environment.A photo from open sources

American scientists (University of Texas) have discovered that Maya, creating large wetland complexes, increased volumes of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.

To come to such conclusions, scientists analyzed the site in 250 square kilometers. With the help of lidars – peculiar “scanners” of the area were identified ancient fields and irrigation system.

Scientists believe that Native Americans ended up in adverse environmental conditions when about 3,000 years old sea ​​level rose back, and later, after 2000 years, came drought. Maya tried to adapt to changing conditions, turning forests into wetlands.

A photo from open sources

Migration of a large population led to a shortage food, and Maya began to expand the network of channels. On these places were discovered traces of once cultivated crops. Eventually the established and growing network of channels has led to emissions a huge amount of methane and carbon dioxide.

Researchers drew attention to the fact that in the 9th century A.D. Native Americans were in extreme decline: population declining rapidly, residents were leaving, and the canal system was destroyed. In this regard, scientists have several hypotheses, explaining the decline of the ancient Mayan civilization: lack of water and fertile lands, epidemics or they were conquered by others peoples.

Previously, historians have established that the ancient Mayans were very warlike and bloodthirsty. During the battle in which they participated, burned entire cities along with their inhabitants.

Andrey Vetrov

Maya Civilization

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