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IN THE JUNGLE OF EQUATORIAL AFRICA More recently in anthropologists have discovered a mysterious cemetery in the jungles of Rwanda. First thought it was a very ancient burial of people. But it turned out, it is not so. The expedition leader described the fact that they saw: “The growth of the creatures was pretty decent – about 7 feet (over 2 meters). The heads are disproportionately large and full lack of mouth, nose and eyes! I guess they talked to each other another telepathically and moved around the area like bats, using some kind of biological radar. “Perhaps the aliens died from the terrestrial virus, to which they did not have immunity. However not all died; the survivors flew away. The fact is that nearby cemeteries failed to find either a spaceship or any its wreckage. Excavations in this area are still ongoing. Anthropologists until they give the exact place of work, but promise to do it as only they will be completed. Research results will be reported. scientific community. IN THE MOUNTAIN AREAS OF NORTH CHINA ON the turn of 1937-1938 in a remote mountainous area Bayan Kara Ula, located on the border of Tibet and China, expedition led by professor of the Beijing Academy of Sciences Chi Pu Tei tiny caves resembling honeycombs were discovered a huge hive. They were fragile, not taller than 130 centimeters, skeletons with disproportionately large heads and thin limbs. 716 such skeletons were found. Characteristically that in these caves drawings of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and some unknown to astronomers of the planet, from which, by a smooth bend, bypassing The sun, a chain of dots stretches. It rests on the Earth, as if indicating the route of an interplanetary flight. Also found in caves strange ceramic discs with a diameter of about 30 centimeters and 8 millimeters thick. From the center to the edge of the disk was spiral track with small obscure icons. Subsequent analysis showed that once these discs were under the influence of a strong magnetic field. In the early 60s of the last century, another Chinese Professor – Tsum Um Nui – partially deciphered the inscriptions on the disks. According to its decoding, once a group of interplanetary beings, calling themselves “drop”, committed in the Bayan-Kara-Ula area emergency landing, could not take off again and ended up in this extremely harsh edge. Professor Tsum Um Nui published texts he decrypted in the book “The history of spaceships, existing 12 thousand years ago. “This work of the professor caused colleagues mocking ridicule. Tsum Um Nui left for Japan, where soon passed away. And in the chaos of the Chinese “cultural revolution” about these amazing finds were simply forgotten. Fortunately this the problem already these days was taken by the German archaeologist Walter von Moltke. He recently visited China. “In made in 1962 the translation speaks of the history of the drop tribe, writes Moltke. -Mysterious inscriptions told that the home planet of the drop is near Sirius. Aliens made two trips to Earth – about 20 thousand years ago and in 1014 AD e. During the last expedition ship crashed – and the surviving aliens could not leave our planet. “Moltke suggests that at least 12 of 716 skeletons were directly related to the first space to the colonists: they differed from the rest in lower growth, larger skulls and deep eye sockets. On the foot one of them had obvious signs of a surgical operation performed, apparently with a laser. Drop tribes, which led its descent from space guests, now no longer. Think that his last representative died in 1947. It may be true that somewhere in remote mountain areas can still be found people of this tribe … MYSTERIOUS MUMmy In one of the tombs Ancient Egypt, a mummy, about which before there is still debate among scientists. The mummy has a wide mouth without a tongue, she has no nose or ears, and is about two seconds old half meters. Archaeologist Gaston de Villard found out that age The mummy is about four thousand years old. The deceased was buried as Egyptian nobleman – carefully mummified and surrounded as relies on servants, food supplies and art objects, destined for the afterlife. “Among the finds,” writes Villar, – turned out to be a round polished metal disk, covered with strange letters, a metal suit with leftovers something resembling plastic shoes and a lot of stone plates filled with images of stars, planets and strange cars … The tomb also looked unusual. Stone carved from walls so that the walls remained as smooth as polished marble. The surface of the stone is fused. The tomb is covered with ornaments from lead-like material. However, it was not lead. “Scientist came to the conclusion that this is probably an alien mummy, who died in Egypt. By the way, in the inscriptions relating to the Ancient kingdom (c. 2800 – c. 2250 BC), often referred to gods descending from heaven. SARCOPHAGE FROM TURKEY Another “alien mummy” recently discovered by Turkish cavers. About ten thousand years ago, she was mummified and put in transparent sarcophagus. It turned out that this sarcophagus was made of unusually strong flickering crystalline material, unknown on earth. Alien height during life did not exceed 1 meter 20 centimeters. On the body, light green skin, male genitals, and on the sides … large transparent wings – like insect. “Despite such an unusual appearance,” says archaeologist Salim Turnsambai, – the creature is more like a person, than any animal. Nose, lips, ears, hands, feet, nails remind human. Only eye sockets differ sharply from ours. They’re three times as big as humans. ”Here are just a few facts that became known to scientists. In fact, they should to be bigger. Aliens visited our Earth, including in far past. And the traces of these visits, and even the remains of aliens in some cases preserved.

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