Alien gear rack discovered in Russia 300 million years old

A resident of Vladivostok discovered a metal gear rack, pressed in the corner during the ignition of the fireplace. An unusual find he attributed to coastal scientists. After a thorough study of the subject, the researchers concluded that the find was 300 million years old and she was created a living creature. But to answer the question, who could scientists can’t make aluminum gear racks. In Russia, an alien gear rack 300 million years old was discoveredPhoto from open sources Finding a strange artifact in the coals – the case for our time is far from an isolated one. First similar The find was discovered in 1851 in Massachusetts when blasting in a quarry. Silver-zinc vase found in coal, dates from the Cambrian period, which began 500 million years ago. In 1912, an American scientist from Oklahoma discovered in coals an iron pot age 312 million years. In 1974 unknown aluminum part was found in sandstones in the year Romanian career. Detail similar to a hammer or landing support legs of the Apollo spacecraft could not be created man, as it relates to the Jurassic period. All these unusual finds confuse scientists as they undermine all kinds of fundamental concepts of modern science. Recent find in Vladivostok again made scientists think. Coal in which an unusual detail was found, was brought to Primorsky Krai from Khakassia, from the Montenegrin region. The age of these coals is known – 300 million years. Therefore, scientists have suggested that the metal part must be the same age as coal. When geologists are neat smashed a piece of coal, then found a light and soft piece with a length of 7 cm made of an alloy of aluminum (98%) and magnesium (2%). With one pure aluminum is extremely rare in nature, therefore, scientists suggested that the part was created artificially. FROM on the other hand, an unusual fusion of detail allowed scientists to explain product safety. Pure aluminum coated with durable film oxides, which prevents further corrosion. As a result, 98% aluminum alloy withstands high pressures, extreme temperatures and hostile environment. Scientists also wondered the question of the cosmic origin of aluminum. Thanks to learning meteorites, science is aware of the existence of extraterrestrial aluminum-26, which breaks down into magnesium-26. The presence of 2% magnesium in the alloy as times may indicate the cosmic origin of the subject. But to confirm this hypothesis, a series of additional research. The last thing that surprised scientists was unusual resemblance of the subject with a modern gear rack. Difficult imagine that nature could create an object with six correct teeth and the same step-interval between them. Plus size the spacing between the teeth was unusually wide in relation to the the teeth. Probably, this rail was part of a complex mechanism. Now similar details are used in modern microscopes and various electrical appliances. Another question arises, how so complex the detail could have been created by man many millions of years ago. After the find became known, supporters of the theory the conspiracy stated that the gear rack belongs to the UFO. But Russian scientists are in no hurry to make loud statements, preferring to hold additional research on the subject.

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