Alien genes of Adam or long ago

American Zakaria Sitchin introduced in his scientific work evidence that men didn’t happen, as we thought, in the result of a long evolution, and are biorobots, which intelligent creatures brought to earth from a mysterious planet Nibiru. Photos from open sources Aliens brought these biorobots from one goal is to colonize our planet. At first everything went according to their plan: biorobots began to adapt to terrestrial conditions, and when their mission was deemed fulfilled, they were simply left to live on the ground. Men, left without alien supervision, became die out. And then the question arose about their future life on the planet. The only way that was found is reproduction. Biorobots had no choice but to have sex with … female monkeys. Believe it or not is up to the reader. The authoritative magazine “National Geographic” published the first the results of a rather ambitious project “Genographic project”, whose purpose was the reconstruction of the human “genealogical tree. “The project was launched a year ago in conjunction with IBM. The duration of the project is about five years. First conclusions are just stunning: in each of us there is, even a little bit, but black blood. And it all started almost two hundred thousand years ago in Africa. It’s from a group of hunters, several dozen men and women, there are all the people who today inhabit our planet. This conclusion is confirmed by the DNA of our contemporaries, in which traces of ancient migrations. After all, according to geneticists, every drop human blood is a history book written in language human gene. The genome or genetic code of each person in 99.9 percent is identical for all of humanity, any person, living in any part of the world. And only the remaining miserable the percentage – 0.1 – is responsible for the individuality of a person, manifested, for example, in eye color or in a predisposition to diseases. The magazine writes that sometimes in the process of evolution in any non-functional chain, a mutation can occur, which, although harmless, but inherited by descendants. If the same the mutation form is repeated in the DNA of at least two people through generations, then there is only one conclusion: they have a common ancestor. American scientists investigated the genomes of more than a thousand tribes, made more than a hundred thousand samples from people living in different parts of the world, then sent them at the National geographic society. The result is striking: although all tests talk about the genetic differences of different population groups, however, by comparing markers, DNA, mutations, and also restoring the story of our ancestors, scientists have confirmed an existing one with eighties of the last century the theory that the mother of all living on Earth is “African Eve.” She lived on earth more than a hundred and fifty thousand years ago, and although it was unlikely the only representative of the weaker sex of that time, however a continuous chain of mothers of the whole human race originates it is from her. And who was our father? Very soon to scientists managed to figure out “our common father” – Adam the African, having a Y chromosome. “National Geographic” writes that 50 years or 70 thousand ago a small group of Africans, from Black continent swam to the shores of Asia. The size of this group amounted to 1000 people. And it was this bunch of Africans that became founders of the genealogical heritage of the whole world. About it with Confidence says Kenneth Kidd, a geneticist from the United States. And then judging by genetic data in Asia, this group of “reasonable” Africans divided: some remained there, in the Middle East, another headed to India. To each subsequent generation managed to advance only two to three kilometers forward, however this movement lasted for millennia. And today, scientists are confident say that for example in Australia people settled more than 45 millennia ago. It’s very difficult to distinguish the scientific evidence of these studies from fantasy, which is preceded by words “a long time ago” and tells of adventures and wanderings. Believe this again or not is up to the reader. But one thing is certain: everything people, regardless of nationality, color, location residences are 99.9 percent copies of each other. Analysis of the human genome is confirmed by the fact that all people have occurred from one woman and one man. And yet who they are, these man and female? Adam and Eve? And who was born before, Adam or Eve? More recently, a completely new version about our ancestors. She claims that Adam came from our foremother Eve as a result of evolution … FREE ROAMING FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLS! Check out the best international Sim Cards and save up to 80% on your phone calls, go to roaming free sims and travelsim! IN recently, zoological scientists began to notice a strange pattern: under the influence of an ozone hole in the Arctic among whites bears are born hermaphrodites. No offense to men, scientists began notice that with a strong floor is not quite normal a phenomenon manifested in a surge of homosexuality. According to different about twenty percent of the world’s men are not able to physiologically leave behind offspring. Leading Scientific Researcher, Institute of Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Irina Ermakova in her new theory on evolution believes that this is irreversible processes occur at the level of genes by men. The thing is that the male chromosome is catastrophically rapidly degrading. The scientist’s forecast sounds depressing: already in the fifth generation from us men can disappear altogether, and then humanity will return to to its origins, in those days when they lived on the planet female hermaphrodites. Scientists have always tried to explain the origin of the human race. But here Irina Ermakova claims that Eve could not be created from Adam’s rib, since his time simply did not exist yet. At that time, the Earth was inhabited only females, males appeared later, as a result of evolution. FROM Ermakova agree and anthropologists from the United States, who compared skeletons of men and women of the cave period of mankind and came to shocking conclusion: female chromosome-X is 80 millennia older male chromosome-Y, most likely the male chromosome is mutated female chromosome. Ermakova since the 90s of the last century trying to find out the cause of degradation of male chromosomes. The conclusions she reached are as follows: due to the fact that female chromosomes are paired and duplicating each other, and male – no, therefore, women from a genetic point of view more stable. In medicine, it is known that in the womb of the mother, all embryos are by default are born female and only after almost a half months, only one gene is able to create a future man. It turns out that the male chromosome is a mutation of the female. By in fact, yes men will excuse, their birth is an accident or … mother nature’s mistake. Irina Ermakova claims that on From the very beginning, only female hermaphrodites existed on earth. About This is also evidenced by the numerous cave paintings coming to us from antiquities. They depict creatures similar to humans, having both male member and female breast. They multiplied parthenogenetic method, sexual contact. Both of women nurtured and gave birth to children. This method of reproduction is still exists in the animal world when two hermaphroditic copulate individuals. In particular, this happens in Achatina – giant sharks, some fish, lizards, tapeworms and others. According to Ermakova’s theory, as we noted above, today in the Arctic white bears also become hermaphrodites. This is due to the ozone hole. Males among the bears can be said to be gone, which is why they began to multiply by parthenogenesis. And what happened with female hermaphrodites? They, according to Ermakova, were distinguished the existence of two simultaneously active chromosomes, whereas only one woman is active today chromosome, and the other is passive. It is possible that it is destruction or mutations in one of the chromosomes in ancient times led to such changes, that some women have stopped having childbearing function. it the explanation is quite logical: after all, today doctors know that even the most minor changes in the sex chromosomes lead to infertility. And these barren women became hunters and protectors of other women. It is them as their partners real female hermaphrodites chose to provide food, protection and parenting. And what, ultimately, represent hunters themselves? In their character there is calculation, strength and total lack of emotions. This set of advantages is very similar to the male character. So it turns out that those same barren defenders, warlike Amazons were an intermediate stage between a woman and man. And today, according to Ermakova, evolution began its return move, and over the strong half of humanity hangs a fairly real threat is the threat of extinction as a kind. In each male sex chromosome-Y about ten thousand years ago contained one thousand five hundred genes. Today, when around is broken ecology, many people smoke, due to so many harmful reasons men his unique sexual chromosome-Y began to break down, she even in size has become much smaller than the female chromosome, turning instead of Y into a small letter “v”. Back in 2005 geneticists found that in chromosome-X there are already only 1,098 genes, and in their male only 78 left. And what’s the worst, genetics are sure that this is an irreversible process, restore these genes are impossible. According to Ermakova, humanity expects a completely new generation, which already today in some places among people meets. In these individuals, the upper body is male, and the lower female. It’s clear that because of the ongoing process destruction of male chromosomes the birth rate of boys in humanity is declining sharply. And soon, in all likelihood, boys will cease to be born of God at all. And therefore rampant same-sex sexual contact is not a perversion, but a much more alarming sign – a return to the ancestors. And again Believe it or not is up to the reader. But just in case, men must be protected!

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