Alien put up for sale in Orenburg artifact

An alien artifact put up for sale in OrenburgA photo from open sources

A resident of Orenburg put up for sale on the Internet an item which he calls an artifact of alien origin. Price unique thing is no less than 10 million Russian rubles, although the seller agrees to the auction.

An unusual announcement on the Avito website immediately attracted attention many Runet users, including ufologists.

The mysterious artifact of “extraterrestrial origin” represents a marble slab, which the Orenburger recently acquired for 2 thousand rubles for repair work in the country. When cutting mountain breed man was surprised to find incomprehensible dents and prints, as well as traces of metal objects.

A photo from open sources

Russian reports that this marble plate was formed about 30 million years ago when no metal screws and nuts, and indeed there were no metal objects in sight. The entrepreneur Orenburger found out the age of the stone by ordering mineralogical, x-ray and spectral analysis of the plate. “When I’ll show you the exact location from which this marble was obtained. lump, “an unknown seller writes.

The current owner of the plate is convinced that metal objects are not could be pressed into the breed by modern man. As it appears, they fell into marble during its formation, when humanity didn’t exist yet. Who left metal products on Earth? Russians believe that they were representatives of an alien civilization. Such objects, impossible from the point of view of the official science, commonly called inappropriate artifacts (see video about this). For example, among them is the famous London hammer, 150 million years old, petrified print of sandals almost half a billion years old and many others …

Buyers of inappropriate marble artifact, judging by the current the status of the announcement has not yet been found, although it is possible that domestic or foreign ufologists and other independent researchers still want to fork out for such a valuable the acquisition.

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