“Alien” technology of the ancient Egyptians

A photo from open sources

Proponents of an alternative story, confident that ancient civilizations of the past had some lost today technologies that enabled them to communicate with space, fly, transmit thoughts at a distance, etc., still consider the existence of perfectly round holes that the Egyptians made in stones and hard rocks, one of the most powerful arguments in favor of the famous Egyptian pyramids created if not with the help of aliens from other worlds, then precisely using technologies unknown to us.

A photo from open sources

When working with solid rocks, ancient Egyptian artists and artisans used stone tools, including the number of silicon, and copper. Since the era of the New Kingdom (around 1550 BC) they began to make bronze instruments, and later – iron. The stones were processed using copper drills and saws as well as abrasives (e.g. silica sand) in huge quantities. During the extraction of granite in quarries of Aswan and its processing to create ancient building blocks, obelisks and sarcophagi stonecutters used dolerite balls (dolerite – natural igneous stone rocks, the main component of which is basalt). Alexey Kozlov Original article from the magazine “Illustrated Science “No. 12 (2011)

Pyramid Stones

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