Amazing 300 million artifact years

An amazing 300 million year old artifact.A photo from open sources

This amazing story happened back in 1944, but it still excites the minds of independent scientists, like everyone who interested in the history of our planet.

10-year-old at that time American Newton Anderson was engaged refueling a coal stove in the parental home and accidentally dropped piece of coal. The stone split in two, and the boy suddenly found that inside was a small metal bell, tinkling loudly on the basement floor.

A photo from open sources

Coal still mined in Upshore County West Virginia is about 300 million years old! Where from inside the mineral formed back in Carboniferous period, it turned out a copper bell with an image humanoid creature on the handle? Many researchers have stated that we are talking about antediluvian inappropriate artifact. Wherein experts disagree on the origin man-made item.

Some believe that it was created by aliens. According to others, its authors are representatives of a developed ancient civilization. Perhaps the bell was once wrapped in plants, which later turned into coal, which turned out to be millions of years later in the Andersons house. If you believe the third, the artifact was sent to the Carboniferous period from the future. Even the time machine has not yet been invented, then you must agree that it can be invented later.

Artifact study

In 1950, the Andersons handed over their find to employees. University of Oklahoma. They conducted a neutron activation analysis. material and concluded that the bell is made of unknown science of alloy. In it, in addition to copper, they found zinc, tin, cesium, nickel, lead, cobalt, as well as several metals unknown to science. Scientists reasonably tried to announce this discovery in public hearing, achieving a sensation, but they immediately began to put pressure leadership who did not want this, and researchers were forced to leave attempts to convey such important information to the public.

A photo from open sources

Newton Anderson himself for a long time studied the artifact. is he determined that the figure on the bell is very reminiscent of Pazuzu – a demon of winds from Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. Pazuzu is depicted in a creature with a human body, lion’s head and legs, two pairs of wings and a scorpion sting. The author of the find suggested that part of the bell handle could be broken off, and initially the handle is much longer.

A photo from open sources

Skeptics believe that this is actually a Tibetan singing bell Gantt. However, ancient religious cults, as you know, had similar traits in different cultures. Recall at least figurines Venus from scattered, never in contact with each other lost cultures or the admiration of ancient people by the pyramids during many ends of the earth. The facts most likely suggest that this the subject really belongs to some ancient civilization about 300 million years old. It’s not so hard to believe if you know how often human civilizations climbed peaks and even faster fell from them, completely disappearing in the haze time.

But just in this case, will our Orthodox science say? A nothing, she, as always, remains completely indifferent to such finds. It is at best, at worst – it is manifest aggression, attacking researchers who question the generally accepted the theory of the appearance of man and the development of civilization (the only) on our planet …

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