Amazing jungles found in Ecuador luminous artifacts

Amazing luminous artifacts found in the jungle of EcuadorA photo from open sources

A treasure of unique ancient artifacts was found by the expedition of Elias Sotomayora. In a remote mountainous area in the southeast Ecuador turned out to be a 90-meter tunnel in which travelers unexpectedly discovered over 300 ancient stone products.

This finding raised many questions among researchers. All these items are executed with incredible accuracy, and some of them glow in ultraviolet with a mysterious bluish radiance. Why this miracle happens and what materials were used for the manufacture of luminescent masterpieces, scientists can’t say until so far.

It turned out that none of the artifacts found were completed. representatives of any well-known local culture. Carved signs and symbols on stone were attributed to early Sanskrit. it unbelievable since the ancient literary language of India does not have nothing to do with the American continents and relates more to cultures of Asia, Europe and North Africa, there is even an opinion that Sanskrit is most closely related to the Russian language.

A photo from open sources

One of the products of this fantastic find is a miniature pyramid crowned with a picture of the human eye, and therefore immediately the idea arose of the connection of this symbolic subject with mysterious illuminati. Its height is only 21 centimeter, and its similarity with the famous symbol on the dollar is simply is amazing.

Another amazing find was a figure depicting king cobra. However, here’s what’s interesting: these snakes never were found in America, so how did the ancients know about them people are another secret behind seven castles. In addition, figurines Pyramids and cobras glow under ultraviolet light. Modern science many minerals are known capable of such, however, humanity began to use them for such purposes only at the end of the 20th century. It turns out another mystery …

Jade bowls made with perfect cleanliness. This makes people of science think that ancient masters possessed tools similar to modern lathes.

A photo from open sources

But back to the ultraviolet, because if you shine them on some artifacts found, you can see an impressive map starry sky. Specialists determined that, for example, the constellation Orion, the stars Pollux and Castor in the constellation Gemini, the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus and much more. It remains only to guess why the ancient craftsmen were so interested in this area of ​​the sky. Maybe they saw something there unusual, what are we not seeing today? But the main thing is how they managed to capture all this in a mysterious stone, unknown to us origin? ..

Unfortunately, determining the exact age of a striking treasure is not seems possible. Scientists report that it amounts to a minimum of 17 thousand years. But if you say 17 million, maybe also you will not be mistaken …

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