Americans found the remains of a huge crocodile

The Americans found the remains of a huge crocodilePhoto from open sources

In the United States, the remains of a huge the crocodilomorph that lived there for about two hundred million years back. The reptile lived at the end of the Triassic period and, according to researchers, was a predator of the highest order.

The extinct animal has already been called the “Caroline butcher.” Height an adult crocodilomorph was about two hundred and seventy five centimeters, with the reptile moving, most likely, on two legs, not four, like the current crocodiles and alligators. She could reach speeds of over ninety kilometers at one o’clock. By comparison, the cheetah is the fastest animal these days. – Can reach speeds of more than one hundred thirty-five kilometers per hour. The razor-sharp teeth of the predator allowed him to chew without difficulty not only the flesh, but also the bones of their victims.

At the moment, Americans are trying to theoretically determine how Crocodilomorphs used to hunt. According to preliminary data, these reptiles fed on herbivorous dinosaurs that live on today America’s territory. Scientific journal “Scientific Reports “published an article stating that actually the remains of a predator were discovered a decade ago, however, due to the carelessness of archaeologists buried them in one of North Carolina Museums.

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