An ancient Buddha statue suddenly appeared from water

An ancient Buddha statue suddenly appeared from the water.Photo from open sources

In the east of China, due to a decrease in water level in one of reservoirs, suddenly an ancient Buddha statue appeared.

This happened because the repair of the gateway gate began artificial reservoir, which led to a sharp drop in water level – almost ten meters. As a result, carved into the rock Buddha statue appeared on the surface and introduced itself to the eyes amazed locals.

Currently, the place of the amazing phenomenon arrived archaeologists who have already determined that the Buddha statue is created, rather total, in the era of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which means that it age can reach four hundred years or more.

Scientists also suggest that at the bottom of the reservoir, i.e. the very feet of the Buddha statue, is an ancient temple. Therefore now researchers are already preparing the underwater equipment necessary for studying it. It remains only a mystery why the statue is still Buddha was not discovered, and how was this created artificial pond that its organizers did not even notice the ancient temple with a statue – a real mystery that scientists have yet to allow.

In this situation, it is even surprising that the repair of the reservoir lock performed earlier, which always entailed a sharp decrease the water level in the body of water, however, until now the Buddha for some reason has not wanted to appear to people …

Water Time

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