An ancient marine was discovered off the coast of Italy port

An ancient seaport discovered off the coast of ItalyPhoto from open sources

In the archaeological world, a real sensation occurred. Modern the history of mankind has, as you know, about seven thousand years, and it happened in the geological reality known to us: on the same continents washed by the same oceans and seas as Today.

Underwater archaeologists and their sensational discovery

For this reason, the vast majority of archaeological finds carried out today on land, but sometimes there are exceptions. So, a group of Israeli scientists made off the coast of the southern part Italy – Sicily is an amazing find that can shed light into some chapters from the past of European civilization.

It’s about a large stone column resting on the seabed, next to which an amazing building was found, clearly serving at one time a seaport. There is even a man-made pier. The age of the find is estimated at no less than ten thousand years. By According to researchers, the discovery suggests that in the eighth millennium BC there was a civilized a society capable of erecting stone buildings. Snag lies in the fact that the amazing structure went under water in the time of the last major ice age, turning into part of the seabed.

Our idea of ​​the origin and development of mankind mistakenly

According to Israeli geophysicist Zvi Ben-Abraham, who became one of the authors of the find, science believes that ten thousand years ago human progress has not yet moved beyond elementary hunting and gatherings however ruins found off the coast of Sicily say about something else entirely. Man, at least, could create relatively complex architecture, was engaged in navigation and so Further. Ben Abraham at the Center for the Study of the Mediterranean of the sea, says that the sunken port was discovered by him during studying underwater images of a marine elevation located to southwest of sicily. During the dive, I managed to find out that on forty meters deep is a stone monolith, superior in famous for its dimensions Stonehenge in England. With age Stonehenge is only five thousand years old, i.e. twice less than the age of the find of the Israelites.

Port found can significantly affect performance modern man about engineering and technical abilities their ancestors. Having studied the structure of the stone from which the monolith is made, scientists concluded that the material was not local, but brought from far away. Thus, ancient civilization also had equipment for transporting heavy loads over long distances. The large column is supposed to have served the ancient sea port a kind of lighthouse, which again indicates a high the degree of development of a prehistoric society that once lived here.

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