An ancient Mayan civilization sculpture found barcode on the face

An ancient Mayan civilization sculpture was found with a barcode on its faceA photo from open sources

Extremely unusual news came from Mexico that looks quite bizarre and implausible, which may well to be fake. So we recommend treating her with corresponding share of skepticism. However, if all this true, we don’t even know what to think.

It is reported that in the North American state discovered ancient Mayan statue with a square head and a tablet-like face. The most amazing thing, if you believe the anonymous source, then, that the modern QR code is engraved on the face of the sculpture – two-dimensional encryption for reading with a digital scanner or smartphone!

Alternative historians and researchers of abnormal phenomena suggest that we can talk about an item that was sent to ancient Mesoamerica from the distant future. Maybe the sender wanted humanity to pay attention to this inappropriate our world artifact and decoded the information on it immediately after detect an anomaly or invention of a QR code (depending on what will happen first).

Alas, so far no one has been able to decode message on the statue. In addition, conspiracy theorists are confident that the strong of this world have already confiscated the artifact and securely hid it from independent researchers, so that the mystery of the mysterious message was disclosed in the end only for a narrow circle of persons. And far from spiritual and initiates in the secrets of the Universe, and representatives the tops of the Illuminati …

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