An ancient stone with an Arabic inscription found under Chelyabinsk

To study an artifact discovered near the village of Sary Kunashak district, an incredible philologist is required The find was made by the expedition of the Chelyabinsk branch of Cosmopoisk. September 15, they noticed a stone with the text on it on Arabic language. Specialists managed to decrypt only a small part of the inscription is the date. In order to solve the mystery of origin artifact, you must completely translate the text. An ancient stone with an Arabic inscription found near ChelyabinskPhotos from open sources Expedition “Sacred stones “was carried out in the Kunashaksky district. A large block of dark gray colors managed to be noticed in the open. Whole stone is covered characters unusual for the Russian language. For hundreds of years, the inscription almost erased, but all signs are still readable. Now Space Search participants intend to find out who left the message for posterity in the southern Urals. First of all, specialists are interested in content of the inscription. Photo from open sources – Today using attracted by a remote specialist found out that on the stone the date is carved – 1825, the text itself could not be translated, poorly seen from the photo. Now we are looking for a translator who can translate the whole text, – told the site “First Regional” member Chelyabinsk-Cosmopoisk Andrey Lyubushkin. Photos from open sources Researchers intend to find translator and conduct another trip to the ancient stone in these weekends. September 21 morning the car leaves for Kunashak area.

Stones Cosmopoisk Chelyabinsk

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