Ancient airfields or spaceports?

Ancient airfields or spaceports?Photos from open sources of

That aliens from other planets visited our Earth, like, however, present on it to this day (UFO), almost does not cause except for contemporary researchers, unless those who hold an official view on this issue, imposed on society by politicians and the military rather than scientists.

Researchers are constantly looking for traces of aliens on our planet, for example, their airfields and spaceports. The main such platform considered a spaceport in the Nazca desert. In due time so called him Erich von Daniken, who even composed a peculiar legend about visiting our planet by aliens, who then flew away, and earthlings, in order to return these gods back, painted in the desert giant insects and animals, in the hope that they will see them with heaven and will return to Earth. A beautiful fairy tale …

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Shapes, lines and drawings of the Nazca desert (by the way, the same strange traces also hide the sands of modern Egypt – completely discovered recently with the help of space images), scientists interpret in different ways. Who believes that these are ancient alien aerodromes (for cosmodromes the soil is too soft here), who believes that such sites could to build earthlings themselves, who have learned to fly, say, on air balls. There is even an assumption that this is a calendar.

But the most amazing alien spaceport can be called Baalbek terrace – a fantastic building in the mountains of Lebanon, near the Dead Sea, collected from such gigantic plates, by compared with which the blocks of the Egyptian pyramids seem small pebbles. What kind of titans were controlled by these huge blocks, what technical capabilities they possessed, if modern the technique is not even capable of shifting such a trilithon (so these blocks called in antiquity, considering them saints), not to raise it, transport and even clearly install on the terrace?

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Soviet mathematician M.Agrest once suggested that The Baalbek terrace most likely served as a spaceport for aliens. Erich von Daniken, who I saw in the terrace a surviving fragment of the landing strip for interstellar spaceships of aliens. Triliton parameters are just amazing, suffice it to say that each such block weighs about two thousand tons – this is calculated mathematically, because to raise and to weigh such a monolith is simply impossible. And one such block left for some reason in a quarry, and from it to the terrace – two kilometers. How these giant slabs moved and then perfectly fitted to each other when installed on a plateau, mind incomprehensible!

A photo from open sources

Even among the greatest skeptics and opponents of all aliens, not even the smallest reasonable hypothesis, like ancient people could handle these trilithons. It’s not even blocks for you. Egyptian pyramids, although those hardly could have been established by the ancient earthling. You can argue, the spaceport was built on Baalbek terrace or not, but the fact that this structure was not built earthlings are almost certain, at least for everyone who knows how think logically and can connect the past with the present, in which before UFOs are still flying.

Egypt Time Pyramids

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